Afghan Protests Over Quran Burning Turn Violent 12 replies

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19th April 2004

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#11 7 years ago
29% of the world's population is Muslim(!)... Referring to "Muslims" in general without qualification strikes me as slightly racist.

The actions of a few outweigh in the inaction of many. With 1 exception, I did not see the local religious leaders telling the people to cool it. The only people who can fix the problems in Afghanistan is the Afghan people.

Every group of people have sterotypes. Americans are all fat and stupid, the french are assholes, the Germans are all secretly authoritarians, Asians are all super-geniuses. These stereotypes don't come about for no reason. The stereotypes of Americans come from experiences people had with Americans either in the US or abroad.

Those two options aren't mutually exclusive. Assuming being a "savage" has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with their upbringing and the utter failure of a society in which they live, of course.

You don't need a successful society and good upbringing to know that killing people over a piece of paper is stupid.

What does surprise me is that any NATO soldiers would be stupid enough to burn those books.

What surprises me more is that we are allowing members of the local population to dispose of sensitive documents. This would not have gotten out if only NATO personnel were doing the disposal work. What the local population does not know won't hurt them.

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#12 7 years ago
NuclearTurboPopeXVII;5615667If you are correct, then that's not a mission worth completing. That sort of thinking is usually simplified down to "the end justifies the means". It appeals to our Machiavellian side... Again, NOT a GOOD thing!

Violating a few freedoms here and there may still increase the total amount of freedoms available. At least compared to letting the current extremist clusterfuck continue.

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22nd March 2005

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#13 7 years ago
MrFancypants;5615705...Of course that wasn't just the result of reeducation but also the effect of a devastating war.

Y'know, I'm pretty sure that we've got that part covered by now.

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