After pressure from military, EA agrees to "remove" Taliban from Medal of Honor 26 replies

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29th January 2005

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#1 10 years ago

This is following up on an earlier story I posted over UK Secretary of Defense Liam Fox's condemnation of MoH's multiplayer featuring the Taliban. His displeasure was made known through the media follow up on it, especially by some military families, who began to send requests to local stores, their military, and EA about the concern.

This spilled into the United States where the AAFES (the body that governs stores operating on military bases) to decide to not sell the game.

With pressure mounting EA officially announced that they would change the name of the Taliban in multiplayer to "Opposing Forces".

Should the fuss been made in the first place?


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18th July 2008

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#2 10 years ago

So is the only change that the name was changed from "Taliban" to "OpFor"? I mean you can still shoot pixels arranged to look like US soldiers right?

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10th December 2005

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#3 10 years ago

Don't you see? This is what the War on Terror is all about. Nobody cares about actually defeating terrorists or extremists - the main goal is to brainwash and mislead the American public.

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7th December 2003

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#4 10 years ago

So at least the poor relatives of the Taliban killed in Afghanistan now don't have to worry about their loss being trivialized by a videogame.

Silly politicians. There is a similar "scandal" about a game in Germany now, it is a simulation that depicts guard duty at the border between west and east Germany. A very controversial topic and as you are able to shoot refugees people are actually trying to file a lawsuit against the programmer. Now the funny part is that the people filing the lawsuit are left-wingers from a party consisting mostly of ex-politicians from east Germany. And the programmer they are suing made this game as part of a project to teach people about history (if you shoot a refugee you end up in front of a trial in game).

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#5 10 years ago

Ok so they aren't Taliban, they're just an identical group who happens to be in the same location doing the same thing. Ok that makes sense. It's just a name though.


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#6 10 years ago
Professor Dr. Scientist;5403296So is the only change that the name was changed from "Taliban" to "OpFor"? I mean you can still shoot pixels arranged to look like US soldiers right?

All while wearing your black turban.

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11th November 2006

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#7 10 years ago

They claim they're doing this out of respect for the soldiers. If anything, they're disrespecting more soldiers and families by trying to cover up the true faces of the enemy. It's ridiculous. I didn't see them go out an change the Axis/Nazi factions of the earlier Medal of honor games out of respect for the fallen soldiers?

... Politicians :cort:


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13th December 2009

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#8 10 years ago

Change the name, but not the model. Ridiculous. Nobody is going to remark that the "OpFor" looks a lot like the Taliban :rolleyes:


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10th January 2006

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#9 10 years ago

If you ask me, this is political correctness gone mad.

Did the Americans complain about having their digital counterparts shot at and blown up?

No, they took it on the chin. It's a videogame, for Christ sake, and nothing more. This is just the beginning, too, before you know it all videogames will have to be set in fictional places in case they upset someone. Goodbye America, hello Umerica.


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3rd August 2002

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#10 10 years ago

I think it's stupid. I agree with the pixel comment and how it's ok to shoot 'American' soldiers as long as you are not the 'taliban'.

I wish the rest of the world would understand....THEY ARE GAMES!!!!!!!!

P.S. I can't tell you how many times I've nuked people/countries in different games.