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26th June 2000

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#21 11 years ago
Bohemund;4610005And what is one going to do about it? There will always be guys (and gals) like that as long as they have an audience.

True, because there will always be these type of folks walking the planet:


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10th December 2005

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#22 11 years ago

Four legs good! Two legs bad!


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14th April 2007

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#23 11 years ago

Those sheeple whose minds are swayed by propaganda, really need to tune into reality

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#24 11 years ago
It is really unfortunate that so many people have been coaxed by our left leaning mainstream media into opposing our current administration. The result of the relentless propaganda being beaten into the minds of sheeple has left many Americans thinking that George W. Bush was a ‘bad’ president. Of course, reality indicates otherwise.

I don't think convincing the American people that we needed to go into Iraq helps to make a good president. The Patriot act was another bad decision. Passing the Patriot act basically told the the terrorist "you have won". These actions fall into the "bad" category for most people regardless of what the media says.

Now we have three Candidates in the political spectrum, Obama, McCain and Palin. (Biden doesn’t count, he’s a non-factor). Obama is merely regurgitating the same propaganda by the media day-in and day-out. McCain has to appear to be different from George W. Bush, because so many Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that Bush = Bad. McCain is cleverly sticking to his advisors and strategists and “distancing” himself from George. Now the wild card, Mrs. Maverick Sarah Palin. She is playing both fields, while ‘distancing herself’ from Bush, she simultaneously mobilizes the Bush-Supporters. It’s a brilliant strategy, and will result in a loss for Obama come November.

Actually Obama has moved towards the center since he got his nomination. He is still a little left, but McCain is a little right of center.

Palin has not proven her self to be a good speaker in debates. She may harm McCain. Some of Biden's words can harm Obama. McCain is going to have a hard time distancing him self from Bush. In the early years he voted with the president a great deal of the time. Obama has the fact that he never voted for the war going in his favor.

America will be able to breath a sigh of relief once McCain and Palin enter the white house. All of our problems right now, are because of the democratic party. Once they gained control of congress in January of 2007, our economy went belly up, and it merely emboldened our enemies. America NEEDS another George W. Bush in the white house because these times call for it. We can’t have a President who stumbles and fumbles and misses the ball—when it’s only thrown once. You have to catch it the first time. Something George W. Bush would do, and something McCain and Palin will do.

You can't blame one party for all the issues in the world today. Both parties plans have major problems in them. The economy went belly up becuase of the economic cycle. The cycle is several years of growth followed by a recession. The cycles usually last with 4 to 5 years of growth and 1 to 2 years of recession.

The last thing we need in the white house is a pompous, arrogant, and elitist far-left liberal like Obama in the white house. We can’t afford

You better hope McCain wins by a massive margin. If the margin is narrow this country will see racial violence not much unlike that of the 60's. People will say the election was rigged so that a black man could not become president.

Neil Peart > Limbaugh

Mike Potnoy>Neil Peart

I wonder, does he still think the internet is the antichrist, or is it Obama now?

My grandma thinks Obama is the anti-Christ. Needless to say we don't talk to her much.

I've been looking forward to you returning for a very long time. It's been three years since you told me I was too young to spend time on Socialist forums like these.

These forums are more in the center than other places. Go on to a Linux forum and discuss poltics. You will meet some "leftist crazy nutjobs"

Yes, Christmas is coming soon and I am very excited. I am also anticipating the media and liberals to once again--rage their yearly war on it.

Is there a problem with people who don't celebrate Christmas? I only like Christmas for the free food and good deals of stuff.

I hope to see a reply to this from J&E.

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12th March 2006

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#25 11 years ago

wjlasloThe2nd;4609894Yes the media is definetely left leaning. If you want right leaning, go listen to Sean Hannedy.[/quote]

Sean Hannity is not right leaning. He is a moderate, like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck.

The media overwhelmingly supports B. Hussein and is sexist towards Palin and her family.

wjlasloThe2nd;4609894Almost a trillion dollars in debt, in foreign countries looking for WMDs that don't exist, 9/11, the current economic crisis, and bowing to Congress on all but one veto. [/quote]

The debt is due to the democratic party interfering with business and wallstreet. The WMD's are in Syria, and the current economy crisis was bound to happen thanks again to the democrats supporting high-risk loans and investments to people who couldn't afford it.

wjlasloThe2nd;4609894Both candidates are turning this into the simultaneously most entertaining and incredibly retarded election of all time. They are BOTH doing exactly that. McCain constantly whines about Obama's inexperience and his past decisions while his supporters always praise him for his "superior" devotion to country. Obama rattles on about how bad Bush was and that McCain is the same thing. [/quote]

Obama is inexperienced, that is a fact. Zero executive/administrative experience, same goes for Biden. On top of the fact that Obama has a lot of questionable friends and associates, ranging from radical pastors to unrepetent terrorists.

McCain IS the same thing as Bush. Which is a good thing. We need another George W. Bush in the white house.

wjlasloThe2nd;4609894Sarah Palin has been brought down by McCain's own arguments. MC claims Obama has no experience, and, though that is mostly true, Palin has barely any more. As far as I've researched Palin has surpassed Obama in pork barrel spending on projects like the Bridge to Nowhere.[/quote]

Palin has executive experience as a major and governor. A similar path of our current great President, George W. Bush.

Obama has zero experience. None.

wjlasloThe2nd;4609894I can't remember where, when, or who made this argument on the forums but they basically said: Palin went into politics because she wanted power, Obama became a "community organizer" because the situation called for it, not because he thought it would be fun. (I don't claim to really know either of their motives, after all, you really can't trust anything they say)[/quote] Palin went into politics because she knew that some people need to be led, especially if their moral/religious compass was off. Palin is the next best thing to a Pat Robertson, she is desperately needed to ensure this country stays on the righteous path.

wjlasloThe2nd;4609894Circumstantial. You need to prove that 9/11 was not terrorists but the democratic party, or admit to lying.

The democrats advocate a swift withdrawal from Iraq. A tactic which would embolden our enemies. Even General Patraeus thinks it's a foolish Idea. Who better to understand the dynamics of Iraq than the General who is in charge of the entire military operation there--Dr. Patraeus. When our liberal congress advocates that we leave, that is exactly what our enemies desire. [quote=wjlasloThe2nd;4609894]Arrogant? I think you have to look at the recent debate to see how arrogant McCain was. He always has this creepy, scolding smile on his face whenever Obama talks like "He should know better".

Obama should know better, but it's expected that he doesn't. Due to his utter lack of experience and willingness to lead this country.

[quote=Bohemund;4609945]I can't help but notice that there ALREADY IS a republican in the whitehouse.

Right, and we need to make sure a republican stays there.

[quote=Bohemund;4609945]Let's see, we've got two wars that we can't win and can't pay for, a recession, increased government interference in private life, and a completely trashed reputation to the international community...

We're winning the wars, the recession will be made worse should Obama come into office (increased taxes) and the international community's opinion is worthless. We hand our millions of dollars each year to countries that hate us, something that needs to come to an end, fast.

[quote=Bohemund;4609945]Yes! We must continue this good trend and bring another republican into the whitehouse! Especially one who shows absolutely no interest in economic affairs, wants to start more unaffordable wars, and chose a complete moron as his vice president!

Actually, Palin is quite brilliant. She has successfully campaigned and was elected Mayor and Governor of Alaska--with an 80 percent approval rating. So she's clearly doing something right, which would mean you are incorrect.

[quote=Ronald_Jesch;4609984]I'm going to ignore this whole thing because you must be insane. Not from wanting a republican candidate but from having a picture of Rush Limbaugh.

Is there a problem with Rush Limbaugh?


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14th February 2004

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#26 11 years ago


Mike Potnoy>Neil Peart

I'm willing to make this a thread about drumming if you are.

Because NEIL PEART IS GOD!!!!!

And Mike Portnoy is Jesus.

And Jeff & Eddie is crazy. "Ann Coulter is a moderate! The WMDs are in Syria! Democrats purposely brought on the economic crisis because all the banks are run by left-wing liberal nutjobs! I'll be here all evening!"


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#27 11 years ago
GuineaPig;4610107The WMDs are in Syria!

This is not actually a particularly big stretch, since officials in the Iraqi military have stated as much. Of course, there's not a particularly great load of evidence to suggest they are there, but it's not THAT ridiculous. It also wouldn't much matter one way or the other anyways.

I lol'd at everything else though.


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14th April 2007

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#28 11 years ago

Why can't you people realize that you trying to reason with him is exactly what he wants you to do? If you stop taking his bait, then maybe he won't come.

Don't feed the trolls.


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13th August 2004

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#29 11 years ago
Dr. Awesome;4610124Why can't you people realize that you trying to reason with him is exactly what he wants you to do? If you stop taking his bait, then maybe he won't come. Don't feed the trolls.[/quote] Yeah, I think I'm finally getting the message...After all these years of trying to reason, I guess we can just ignore. Jeff&eddie focuses on the things he can fight, ignores the things he can't, and makes sure that he never shows a sign of giving in for ones that fall between. Go have fun with your pet werewolves and your Illuminati parents, while playing on the antichrist.
PethegreatThese forums are more in the center than other places. Go on to a Linux forum and discuss poltics. You will meet some "leftist crazy nutjobs"
It was a joke: [quote=jeff&eddie]This post I found unique in the aspect that the poster is very young. Come back to me when you have some years of experience under your belt.

-September 20th 2006. I was twelve years old *sniff* Lol. He called these forums communist and socialist a number of times when talking about creationism in school, and maybe facist at the thought of evolution in schools but I'm not sure.

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#30 11 years ago

Im not getting into this arguement. I dont like argueing about politics. Its all convoluted and it really confuses me. But needless to say, im glad to have you back Jeff & Eddie! I missed you. I look forward to more threads about "the farce of evolution"!