America should DONATE more to 3rd world 122 replies

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20th July 2006

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#121 12 years ago

God Bless Capitalism.


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19th June 2004

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#122 12 years ago

Obvously edited poll, isn't it? :Puzzled:

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24th July 2004

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#123 12 years ago

Africa has ALWAYS been shit. They have always had power scuffles, genocides, and rampant starvation. It didn't just appear out of the blue after 19th century colonization.

I have come to the conclusion that these people are simply incapable of ruling themselves. Take Zimbabwe for example. They won their independence from the British in 1980. They are now expieriencing 95% crop failure, and their life expectancy at birth for males in Zimbabwe has dramatically declined since 1990 from 60 to 37, the lowest in the world. They are also experiencing hyperinflation. For example, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a $10million note in January 2008, roughly equivalent of 4 US dollars.

The irony of course is that Zimbabwe's top cleric is urging Britain(the country who they hated so much) to invade and topple the current regime.

Pretty funny stuff.

Also, to that whacko up top who said South Africa is doing fine, just take a look at their crime stats and you'll see they aren't doing fine. South Africa was ranked second for assualt and murder per capita, in addition to being ranked first for rapes per capita.

African countries, without help, will never be as successful as western countries.