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2nd October 2003

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#101 14 years ago there is a guy from Ayrshire just like me what feels the same way about the American soldiers.

Having read this post, I wonder what the Marines jurisdiction is? Will they legally be able to stop and search or even detain people?

Nobody's getting 'invaded'.

Yes, we know. The point is why not leave the security to British soldiers? Disregarding the shear arrogance of it all, I suspect these guys, good as they are in wartime, will be a liability in Scotland. Lets face facts - they are going to stand out like sore thumbs and they are going to receive a lot of stick. Their very presence will incite trouble. Best to leave this sort of thing to locals, who have proved time and again to be #1 at keeping order in hostile environments.

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22nd March 2005

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#102 14 years ago

As has been said before, we want to keep the Chain o' Command American. It simplifies/negates the problem of rank equivalency and such. Also, though I have called the Marines B4tsh!t insane before, If I was PotUS, then I would trust them with me life and the life of all others around me. Still, ARMY'S BETTER!