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14th February 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Below is an article I found in my school work book which was supposedly meant for you to shorten it down to less than 80 words but I found it to be very meaningful (I think its a fact anyway) Note that I translated it from Malay so it may not be 100% correct in English. _______________________________________________________________________________ The education era long time ago inspired high teaching professions. Parents had a lot of trust into teachers at school, many parents held their hopes high on the teachers. This allowed the teachers to freely give out warnings and punishes to their children if they needed them. The teachers anger gave the students spirit to work harder. A slap to the face or other sorts of punishments made it even more effective. When they were canned, slapped or got their ears pinched, they do not even attempt to protest. They think of the teachers punishments to be correct and they feel that they deserve it. But right now, things are totally different. The relations between students, teachers and parents are not anything like before anymore. Students now go to school to not study, but to do things lke stealing, fighting etc, which defeats the real purpose to go to school. Now, teachers actually fear of doing anything to their students because of their parents that pamper them too much. If students get scolded by their teachers about their bad behaviors, they will complain to their principal/parents and the teacher gets scolded back. They believe the students more than their teachers. This causes students to tell lies, show disrespect to their teachers and forget the meaning of discipline. The current education era really should look back into the past and look at the aspects that shaped up the students. We don't want students to be successful in their work and knowledge but fail in their attitude. _______________________________________________________________________________ Do you agree? And btw does this happen in other countries? So far I haven't heard of students doing things like attacking teachers and such. But in Malaysia its happens quite often.


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#2 14 years ago

Kids in America are increasingly insubordinate to teachers. My parents tell me if a teacher attacks me verbally or physically I am allowed to beat the shit out of them or attack them verbally back. I think most parents have this attitude, and some students purpously make it so the teachers will verbally abuse them or physically abuse them. It isn't like in the fifties where teachers were allowed to smack children or hit them with canes and stuff. I know if a teacher ever did hit me I would make him regret it, however I never do anything in school to cause a teacher to want to hit me.

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17th June 2002

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#3 14 years ago

Problem is, while you've got a lot more unruly kids, you've also got a load more sick perverts and sadists who'll take advantage of the situation. How do you filter those guys out if they've not done anything previously to hint that they'll abuse their power? So it's down to this; you want a bunch of kids who may not have even done anything wrong to be pysically -- possibly even sexually -- abused, to make sure kids aren't mean to their teachers? You can't trust ANYONE anymore, not kids, not teachers, not even your own family these days. You'd do very, very, very well to remember that.

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9th August 2003

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#4 14 years ago

Well, the most extreme act of pupils striking back at a teacher was with my english teacher in germany. He was a complete wanker, he was hated by EVERY pupil. So a group got together and started playing telephone 2 AM. Then they paintbombed his mailbox, etc. etc.

It never came to physical harm though. And it shouldn't ever be a solution, either.

If a teacher verbally abuses you, he/she isn't a good teacher. A good teacher should be able to inspire work morale.


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15th May 2003

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#5 14 years ago

Agreed, but they sould be able to do something about misbehaivior (sp?) to, unessessarily lousy students...