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29th May 2003

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#51 16 years ago

A Lion kills an antelope.

Was it doing it because it finds it fun? NO! A lion needs to eat.

A Tiger kills a Panda. (im aware that tigers probably dont eat pandas)

Was it trying to control the 'pests'? NO! Its part of their natural cycle of eating.

A Human kills a deer.

Was it pest control? Human says yes because 'population is getting out of control'. I say why, and the hunter replies 'because there are no predators to kill them'. I say 'oh yes, thats because you disrupted natures cycle by killing all the predators so you could hang them on your wall'.

Get my point?


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#52 16 years ago

Most hunters dont do it as a sport they do it because they like and want deer meat, want to be outside. Some hunters do it as a sport but not most. Big whoop and animal dies to feed a hunter. They have been doing it for years. Here is another problem for not hunting that i have found researching and in hunters ED.- In 1900's the wildlife management in the united states banned hunting in Kaibab Plateau in Arizona and the predators destroyed (the hunters being one of the predators destroyed and other gamlife). The result of this action was severe overpopulation, habitat destruction and mass starvation. Around the same time period in Pennsylvania. Deer had been brought into the state after the native population was thought to be extinct. With most of the predators eliminated and little hunting allowed, the derd grew out of control. As the food supply dwindled, thousands of whitetailed deer starved to death. hunters are just another link in the food chain (being at the top). What difference does it make if a slug went into the deer or if you ran at it with your bare hands. If you try to beat it up it is actually going to inflict more pain on the animal that a quick clean shot to the vitals. Most of you are saying that it makes us feel bigger and better. I will tell you right now that it isnt a moral booster in any kind of way. You might feel happy that you got something to bring back home and feed your family. I dont get why you guys are against hunting. You dont shoot it why does it matter. I dont care if you are a non hunter (a person who doesnt hunt but isnt against it) but at least you let us hunt but the anti hunters get on my nerves.