Are all Republicans bad? 101 replies

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7th April 2005

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#101 14 years ago
HighCalibreWeaponsociety through the media glorifies wrong do-ers, leeches and those who play cards for any reason, villianify anybody that stands against them

I can't see how this is the case when looking the hard sentences from even minor crimes, big funding for police & prison system and when the whole society is centered around the idea of individuality, enterpreunership and hard work, not to mention the overall serious mentality of people after 9/11 on security issues.

most of them are dregs, always blaming others for the fact thhey lie, rob, cheat and steal, being lowlife scum is not about color, race, gender or sexuality, no matter who they are, the should be eliminated from a decent society

Do you have some factual information to provide that majority of people who are unemployed in the USA use drugs, and how about those decent people who just happen to be unemployed for appropiate reasons? No benefits what so ever for them, would this be offering ladders for people? Besides people aren't some determined robots without emotions & personal problems: the surrounding society & its conditions have great effect on how individuals live their lives so it's not just themselves to blame if & when they do wrong. What comes to cheating, stealing, robbing and lieing: these acts concern all people, not just those who are less fortuned. Where as a poor drug-user robs a grocery store with a knife, businessman makes tax fraud with his computer and lawyer strangles his wife from cheating him while covering up his traces. "Eliminated from a decent society" sounds the way how nazis thought in 1930's, quite alarming.

its wrong what racists and sexist do, however this cannot be stopped through special priviliges, there is no excuse, the pure of heart must stand against all those, people need to understand that it should be decency, honor, respect and freedom that unites people

People should understand that it's wrong to steal money from their fellow humans and killing them but we don't live in some dream society where people maintain moral high ground and don't have negative thoughts: laws & regulations are necessity of civilized & well-being society. Laws aren't there just to punish wrongdoers but also to protect people from themselves.

the fact i am decent, loving to those who are decent and rightous is what defines me, not ethnictiy

Like said, the sad fact is that not all people are as enlighted as you are in this minority issue so we need some legislation as well.

and the KKK, Liberals, Communists, nazis and even once freedom fighters like the black panthers, must be stamped out!

:mihailhatesu:And you talk about freedom, honor and truth when you go against your very own values? What you're talking seems rather hypocritical and goes against what the USA has stand for since gaining the independence: Free speech & democracy. Not to mention that like said, all liberals shouldn't be put into the same narrow box because of few radicals like Cindy Sheehan.

people, eve if they dont agree with a war, should support and honor their nations dead, its not right that people at home can act cold and hostile, to somebody far away from home, facing rogues, terrorists and assorted scum

Agreed though this is already the case when it comes to vast majority of the people who oppose the war: support for the troops themselves and respect for those who have fallen.

patriotism stop a nation and its dream becoming just a page in a history book

Could you open up this sentence a little further, I didn't quite understand it.

most liberal are not patriots, sorry, but they seem to find any excuse to hate people of their own nation

Opposing the war and will to get troops back home isn't hating people, on the contrary. Give exact definition of yours about patriotism here, I think we have somewhat different views concerning this "ism".

European "patriotism" has become half baked, since the death of empires!

Half baked because we don't get into other countries with guns blazing? Europeans have learned where blind patriotism may lead and that's good but it seems that some Americans haven't learned from this. themanclaw said the rest.


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9th November 2006

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#102 14 years ago

i think he meant to say "patriotism stops a nation and its dreams, making them become just another page in a history book" just a guess though