Are Humans Sinners? 22 replies

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2nd January 2006

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#21 12 years ago

In what way? Anyway, as 'sinner' is a religious term, humans cannot all be sinners, as not all humans are religious.


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#22 12 years ago

If you're a then yeah, you're a sinner.


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19th July 2006

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#23 12 years ago

Good, bad, right, wrong, sin, god....

All are instruments of control, intended to curtail and control behaviour, essentially limiting growth. Humanity has no unifying objective morality.

If your not christian then ok. If you are, you know what I'm talking about.

Riiight... 'cause of course only Christians know about Sodom & Gomorrah, or the tower of Babel, or that flood where god showed just how good he is at genocide (and which would mean we're all inbred.) Y'know, all those great moments in that book of yours where god decides that list of commandments he made isn't really all that important and wipes out a whole bunch of people. Murder is a sin if committed by humans, apparently for god it's par for the course.

Also, being "good" just so you can avoid going to hell (not even an original Christian term but swiped from Norse myth) doesn't make you a "good" person or a decent human being... you're trying to save your own ass. I have a real problem taking any sort of morality which is expressed in a "do it or your fucked" manner seriously, even more so when it's from an invisible genocidal white guy with a beard.

Personally I prefer a more existential approach, don't bother worrying about if it's right or wrong, make your choice and accept responsibility for your actions.