Atheists call for 'debaptism' 53 replies

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2nd February 2007

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#51 11 years ago

I've been baptized...I could care less. I do not adhere to any church nor do I care to debaptize myself; to me it is purely symbolic and meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

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25th September 2004

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#52 11 years ago

You guys still aren't getting the argument though. The arguement isn't why, its should they be allowed to. And the answer is yes. It DOES NOT MATTER what you think on it, if you think its dumb, if you think its pointless, whatever. What matters is it obviously means something to those people, so why stop them? It hurts no one.



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14th September 2007

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#53 11 years ago

Theoretically this fellow is going about this all wrong. Baptism is a symbol of a change in one's relationship to God and the world. It's supposed to paint a picture of the death (to sin and the world) a Christian undergoes by accepting Jesus for his salvation and the rebirth as a servant of God. (Thus the submerging into the "grave" and rising up from the water).

The first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was that the gentleman in question wanted to drown himself, since that would literally be being "de-baptized."

I laughed, a little, which is probably pretty insensitive considering people actually want to reject God like this "for realz."


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#54 11 years ago

Well we're not saying he should not be allowed to do it, we're just saying how self-contradictory it is, it seems to follow the Christian way of logic which the point of Athiesm is not do that.