Attack on Newspaper Leaves Five Dead 1 reply

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11th November 2006

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#1 5 months ago

This is some horrible shit. Yesterday, a gunman broke into Annapolis, Maryland based newspaper the Capital Gazette and - using a legally purchased shotgun - shot to death five employees on the site. He subsequently surrendered to law enforcement officers, and information on his identity has slowly been released. The perp - it turns out - has a long history with the newspaper, after they've previously reported on his harassment of a local woman. He has previously made threats against the newspaper, but the newspaper decided not to pursue legal action as it could've escalated the situation.

In the shooting, the perpetrator was described as being calm and collected, so it doesn't sound like he had a psychotic break. He is reported to not be co-operating with authorities, which could indicate that he's well aware what he has done. There is currently no solid motive for his actions.

I fear that regardless of motive, this could have a chilling effect on the freedom of press in the United States. It's already under verbal attack from the government and anti-press organisations. If they have to worry about

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#2 5 months ago

Sad story, unfortunately there is not so much you can do against people like.

Recently new legislation has been passed in parts of Germany due to similar issues - it was difficult to prosecute people who were making threats when no crime had been committed. Now police can arrest people who are "dangerous" or "preparing a crime", but the vague formulation has sparked a lot of protest as this is really easy to abuse.