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#41 13 years ago
Locomotor;3370933The War on Drugs was the perfect cover for the CIA to tunnel drugs into the US themselves!

Dang, that corporate conspiracy really gets around!

So long as you acknowledge the business interests, I'm content with ending this discussion right now. :)

You're content to know that this dreamy eyed idealism is nonsense? Alright then.:) Let me know if you find a person with these 100% pure motivations you keep talking about - you'll find me in hell shoveling ice.;)

Yuck. You know my stance on Machiavellian Realism, so I'll leave it at that.

Reminds me of my Just War essay.

It is easy to be [an idealist] when one is a farmer or a fisherman. It is not so easy when one is commanding a legion carrying out ethnic cleansing in Northern Iberia.

Its great to imagine what a great person one would be in a position of power. But when that becomes reality, its not so easy.

Realpolitik in a nutshell. I don't think it should be that simple. Oh well, to each his own I suppose. Hopefully you'll develope a conscience sometime soon. You've completely abandoned morality and humanity here, you know. That's part of realism you can't escape.

Funny, I'm writing an essay on the limitations of realpolitik right now.

And besides - I do have a conscience. But I'm not in a position of high power, so I can afford one. ;)

That doesn't excuse these atrocities.

At least we're directing inevitable killings towards an end that is beneficial. If we left them to themselves, it might have gone otherwise.

There are business interests at work whether or not you acknowledge it or not. You have, so I'm not exactly sure where this is coming from.

There are business interests, but there's no conspiracy like you're claiming. They're simply another variable in the foreign policy equation. When a ruler acts, he takes into account his public image, his allies, his own personal beliefs, his advisors' assessment of the situation, and of course, his business interests. Its idiotic to try and blame everything on just one variable. They all take part in it. Now consider the logical end of your reasoning: -The USA and the UK had some corporate ties when FDR sent them war supplies. -Many of the people in the Northern states had economic ties in the secessionist states when Lincoln went to war. -British rule was economically oppressive in many ways when the Continental Congress declared war. every war in history was caused by the corporate conspiracy! Now when you go out into the business world, you'll discover that people won't usually help you out of the generosity of their little hearts. There needs to be something in it for them too. Of course they'll have to like your operation, but they still won't do it unless they'll be fully compensated for it.

The United States government has backed fascist paramilitary forces in the slaugher of thousands of innocent people to protect access to the resources of Colombia. You can condone it all you want, I don't care, but that's the reality.

!Bienvenido ir el Tercer Mundo, gringo! [Welcome to the Third World, gringo!]