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24th April 2003

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#51 10 years ago

Very brave men? They were prolly irradiated as hell prolly lied to by their commanding officer who prolly said "your helo was specially made by the motherland, it can withstand a direct nuclear blast".

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24th February 2009

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#52 10 years ago

Hmm also one more thing that could'ove had prevented the accident is that they did not use proper materials just for that reactor no 4 ( corruption ) and they didnt provide enough cover if the reactor were to blow up, which exactly happened, so all conditions for the accident matched on that night, the main guy was away, they did not have the specifications of the reactror, they had someone that said we must do this test, they were poorly trained, reactor was dangerous ( design flaws ), the proper materials were not used... etc... anyways i sure hope that they dont let that sarcophagus to collapse ( i wonder if they could decrease the radiation inside the reactor somehow ... perhaps by throwing in more of that thing that helicopter was trying to throw in the reactor )... anyways it was a sad day :( and strange that many people i have met havent heard of this either...


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3rd February 2004

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#53 10 years ago
'[James;4821862']and strange that many people i have met havent heard of this either...

Yeah that has been happening to me too.

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