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#1 4 years ago

It's nice that teens with brains still exist and they are not all wannabe Barbies. This one discovered a new way to test potential HIV victims and carriers. If it works as well as it seems, then it's good news. Read more here.

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#2 4 years ago

Yeah, private and specialty schools always seem to get the best resources. Whereas I was stuck reading the teachings of Witch Doctor Jay Wile.

I have a feeling things like this will become more common at the rate information and funding for them increases. I mean think about it; during the early days of research and discovery, it was necessary to devote all your thinking processes to science, but now we have much better technology, literature, and most people understand the need for scientific research which means more opportunities for bright people to be discovered as opposed to the extremely bright ones on the fringes who were able to get a rich upbringing.

And obviously some of that is just popularity and over-reporting, but still...

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