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#71 14 years ago
How can you avoid them if you cant tell?

Three things that never fail: 1. Ask questions; if something doesn't seem right, it's probably wrong. 2. Adam's Apple. 3. Don't (I repeat: DON'T) be drunk and in bed with a chick at the same time. (She could be a caribou and you wouldn't know it.)


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#72 14 years ago
PethegreatYeah, they are getting arrested more and more as well as getting in touble in other forms. I think its the rap and goth music that is corrupting the youth of America. Get rid of the rap and goth music and the kids will stop being so bad.

lol hahaha pall i listen to rap. no i take no ofence so dont worry lol. but i never have gotten arested or in trouble in general. i think all of this anger and agretion from teans comes from parents and there enviroment.

you see your parents will be your 1st teachers you get. they teach you the good and bad and if you are slightly aregent then they tought you the bad or to much of the good.

(wait moab how can that be? to many good habets and to many bad habetes.) well what i mean by to many good habets is that your parents are some what eleitists and want you to do only 110% and nothing less. example- there is a kid i know and yes i mett his parents. i seen his mother pick at him for getting all A's and 1 C in school. now those are realy good grades BUT they werent all A's like his mother wanted and so he got a lecture and grounded.

what messege does this send to her son? "i was never good enough to impress my mother." or "i will never be good enough to impress her so i may as well give up." and that is the case with my friend. i seen him get yelled at by his mother for small things like missing a shot at a game of basket ball say things like (well you did good today and you made 14 shots BUT what about the 2 you missed?) well that is a made message there.

right now he's thinking of being a drop out and im trying to get him to change his mined and just ignore his mother when she says anything negitive. also there are the bad habbits. like if your parents curse up a storm and get drunk. yes those are bad habbets and send the wrong message to kids and so they mimic that.

also you learn from your enviroment such as friends and other adults. if you hang around the wrong crowed "like peaple in brake the laws" chances are you will pick up on it to. realy it all envolves into what that person is exposed to.

so moab what is the best way to rais your kids you ask? well 1st dont have kids unless your sure about having them or if its a little late on that then try to encurege them to do the right things. also let them figure out things on there own and what i mean by that is that you need to let them do there own thing and if the make a mistake dont say anything negitive to them try and help them to the best of your ability and show them the right way. dont use anything like spanky to disiplin try preaching. when i was about 5 or yunger and i did somthing wrong my father would always sit me down in a chair and made me look right at him and he would tell me to not do the things that i did that were wrong. then he would go on and on for about a half an hour on not to do so.... and that pretty much did it for me :lookaround: . well try it with your kids and be consistent. well thats all the time i have for now. see next time on DR. PHIL wear we talk about my new book family first . :deal: :naughty: :0wned: