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22nd February 2004

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#241 14 years ago
Biggus DickusTopic?

Sorry back to the debate ;).


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5th December 2003

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#242 14 years ago
GedYou know Einstein said exactly the same thing when his theory of the universe was created? (Well in a round about sort of way.) Now when Einstein first tried to explain the universe he came across a problem, that all mater would once have been collapsed to one point; most of the committed atheists of his day were against it. They saw what many people are now ignoring, that this would include a moment of creation. Einstein was himself a firm believer in a constant state universe and effectively hid his head in the sand by introducing the 'cosmological constant' a small repulsive force pushing everything in the universe apart, (this doesn’t exist.) Later when shown a different interpretation of his theories he said it was 'the most beautiful and satisfying interpretation I have listened to.' This interpretation as you have no doubt guessed supported all mater having been at one point and thus supported a moment of creation.

The first time Einstein hear the 'Big Bang' theory, he laughed :).

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#243 14 years ago

A bit sad for poor old Lemaître no doubt.