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21st February 2004

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#41 10 years ago
Serio;4442352Is just a piece of paper. Paper VS Dictatorship? Didn't seem to stop Hitler. Besides, we have the Constitutional Act of the Kingdom of Denmark which is pretty much like all the rest "seals of Freedom". But because of terrorism you're not allowed to take pictures of any landmark unless it says so. Same with smoking too, no smoking anywhere but inside your house.

Er, not quite sure of your point - I'm pointing out that the kind of shit that's going on in Britain and now sadly my own mother country Denmark IS going on in the States, in the name of the Patriot Act. You actually agree with me, I think.

The US Constitution is probably a better 'piece of paper' that is being worked round by rogue politicians intent on a controlling state when it comes to the USA - short of the Magna Carta we Brits don't really have one, for all the good it'd do...