Danish hospital raided by mob; driven off by Police 4 replies

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11th November 2006

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#1 6 years ago

Some news from the homeland, for a change. This is something that has been plastered across every newspaper lately, and reviewed several times on whatever debate programs happened to be on air at the time.

Monday evening, a celebration in a housing complex/suburb called Vollsmose in Odense turned ugly when one man was injured in an attack by rivalling gang members, and another man was struck by their car when they attempted to flee the scene. Both men were brought to the OUH(Odense Universitet's Hospital) and treated for their injuries.

Later in the evening, a group of 60 to 70 people broke into OUH's trauma centre and vandalized it, threatening both the staff as well as the patients and officers on scene. The police officers had to drive the mob off by firing their weapons.

Source: Shooting leads to chaos at Odense hospital | The Copenhagen Post | The Danish News in English

This event has created quite a bit of debate, with accusations being (as is usual) slung about at whoever they can be aimed at. The government has been accused of allowing it to happen through a lax immigration policy, whereas the opposition has been blamed of fuelling anger by a harsher immigration policy.


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26th April 2004

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#2 6 years ago

Read about that in a tabloid, but wasn't really reported here elsewhere much. Pretty surprising to find out that 70 people just storm a hospital (a hospital!?) and start rioting around inside and threat people in Denmark.

Seems like that Vollsmose is a real problem suburb with great amount of immigrants like those rioters. I suppose it's natural that the immigration policies are also debated there in this case, wasn't 2011 the first election the Danish People's Party lost an election. No reason to brand every crime done by an immigrant as an immigration problem, though this kind of rioting is unusual. I suppose everyone can atleast agree that the Vollsmose suburb is not a model to follow at all.

Well, I'm glad they could use their firearms for warning. The British police would have been in deep trouble with their tasers.

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26th May 2003

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#3 6 years ago

There are things you just don't do. Torturing children etc. And attacking a hospital without a really good reason, (like they're torturing people or carrying out illegal research or something,) is just bang out of order. You know? Leave the healers alone. Medics aren't even meant to be shot on the fucking battlefield for Christ's sake.

Why don't you go and find some kids and crippled people to beat up? Feel real manly.

People who do that kind of stuff should lose their hospital privileges. I can't imagine very many of them would do it if that was the known penalty.

It just makes no sense. Surely they must realise that if they attack the hospital whenever the enemy is treated and the hospital stops treating their enemies then their enemies will do the same with respects to them - and then no-one will get to use the hospital.

You know, I could see the logic if the local gangs ran their own hospitals and social services - then it would just be about maintaining control. That sort of thing would make sense somewhere that didn't have socialised healthcare.

[I saw on the news one time where they were looking at a medical place under a drug house and they said this was where the drug guys must come to get their bullets taken out after shootouts and the like - and I thought: Uhhh - No. That's just where all the locals who don't have medical insurance go, and that's a large part of why none of them ratted the place out to you. ]

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7th December 2003

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#4 6 years ago

I wonder whether such a case is representative of a deeper problem with migration from non-western countries. A migrant from sub-saharan Africa is not likely to have received the same sort of education that is normal in Europe. If they come from an anarchic or war-torn country their ideas about conflict-management may be radically different, even if they have received relatively good education. So if you put these people into the lowest social classes in our society and let them fester there for a few years it is hardly surprising that incidents like this happen.


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#5 6 years ago

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