Did John Bercow cause Brexit? 1 reply

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#1 1 week ago

So one of the commitments of the speaker of the house of commons, John Bercow, when he was elected as speaker in 2009 was the champion the rights of back benchers. For those not sure, Back Benchers are non governmental MP's who sit, as the name implies, on the back benches behind the government or shadow cabinate. 

Traditionally they get very little say on the business of the house, but Bercow, in an effort to try and bring more power to the back benches, created something called the 'Back Bench Business Comittee'

It was this backbench comittee that raised the debate over withdrawal from the EU and force David Cameron's hand into holding a referendum.

Too much power in the wrong place?

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#2 1 week ago

David Cameron had a choice, and he could have not acted at all. If a Prime Minister can be forced into something, Cameron had no place being Prime Minister.