Do you believe in 2012? 132 replies

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9th June 2009

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#131 10 years ago

Just get leid, a LOT.


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#132 10 years ago

Let's keep this thread on topic folks.

And, on topic, I find it interesting that people are so contradictory when it comes to telling the future. I'd be willing to bet most people who believe in the 2012 nonsense also believe in Nostradamus, despite his prohecies lasting till sometime in the 3000s.


I didn't make it!

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#133 10 years ago

Not to mention, when History channel re-runed probably there first in a series of episodes about Nostradmus, I noticed they actually used the REAL quotes not twisted to rhyme or like many internet sites do, to fit the event and actuualy had people go on who thought the thing was bullshit. I remember looking up Y2K, and there was a page saying "sorry, this didn't happen, sorry for inconviences"