do you think we're gonna get nuked? 75 replies

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13th March 2005

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#71 13 years ago

I'm rather familiar with that game, I played the demo. I never knew if it was realistic, because I played as the USA once, raised taxes to maximum, changed form of of government to dictatorship, conquered every Latin American country along with the whole Middle East and a few European and African ones, and nobody even lifted a finger to help eachother. So I can't really say that the EHE is perfect, or even that smart. But hey, it's just a game, even if it's somewhat realistic. Very fun though. Did you say it was freeware?

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#72 13 years ago

No, but it'll cost you a fiver or less if you do manage to find it.

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23rd September 2004

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#73 13 years ago


I don't think America will get nuked. Iran or anyone else would not risk bombing us, because they know they will get destroyed if they do.

The Soviet's never blatently blew us up in the Cold War and they were more of a threat to America than Iran is.

Of course, it is possible, and you only need one thing to happen to provoke a nuclear weapon being launched at us, but I just don't see it happening.


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30th April 2004

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#74 13 years ago

USS EndeavourAI = EHE (Evolutive Human Emulator). "Revolutionary approach to artifical intelligence, combining both neural networks and expert systems. Computer-controlled countries are independent entities that actually learn. They learn how to solve their problems, how to play against each other and how to play against you."

The AI is what makes the sim so frightfully real. Depending on their political standing with other countries, not all the retalitory nukes will be heading for your country; but others with whom the nation is currently at ends with under some political or economic problem. They take advantage of the situation and attack minor countries; if these said countries happen to have allies with a nuclear capable nation, then they open fire and the circle continues. It is possible to annihilate all human life after one initial attack and the subsequent retaliatiory measures.

But in the end, we really shouldn't worry about being attacked, because if we are we won't know about it for long, but if we lok at the bigger picture, no one wants nuclear war; not even terrorists.

While the is the only country to have used nuclear weapons, I doubt they'd repeat it for something as menial as the War on Terror (compared to WW2). We can also rule out terrorists getting hold of a bomb; even if they could afford it, there's no way they have the resources to set it up and launch it; they'd simply kill themselves with radiation. This leaves another country as the only ones to use it. And given the countries with such nuclear technology, I doubt any of them would use them even in an extreme circumstance.[/quote]


One, nobody gives a crap about what a game simulates to be the end of the world. Well, except you.

Two, if AI could represent human thoughts and emotions, it sure as hell would not have seen its deubt in a public game. If it did, there is no way any one of us could hope to afford it.

Three, bullshit. Terrorists, as they have shown time and again, are not rational sensiable people. Do you think they would give a crap if the world was destroyed? So long as they go to Allah and hang with seventy-odd virgins, they don't care about the rest of the world.

Three. That was retarded. Ever hear of suitcase nukes? You don't have to have a bomb or ballistic missile to deploy. All you need is someone devoted enough to detonate the bomb themselves. Obviously, this person would have to be willing to die for their cause, but this hasn't wrinkled their resolve yet.

[quote=Red Menace]I can quote their website too, it doesn’t make it true. I have both of the games, the AI is stupid, Jamaica goes to war with the US and wins, that isn’t realistic.


They smoke our military stupid, then feed us all hash brownies. After that, they go to work.


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3rd February 2006

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#75 13 years ago

"jihad" im sure you have heard it! "Jihad" = holy war, the extreme side of the islam religeon wants this. When Iraq calms down this call for a holy war is not gonna go away, the muslims have been fighting over land in the middle east for thousands of years, and they are not going to stop. As for the nuclear discussion, i seriously doubt that an extremist muslim leader with nuclear capabiltities would not hesitate to launch a nuclear attack and become a "matyr". After that launch? I would say that all of the middle east would be demolished and the US would suffer the attack of one or two nuclear strikes. As for the muslim's and their "jihad".... well they will get it and loose once again. Isreal will still be controlled bye the jews and we can start the whole process over again!

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24th July 2004

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#76 13 years ago

Nukes fired by countrys- Probally not

Small nukes detonated by terrorist organizations- Probally, or at least chemical weapons.