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17th June 2002

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#31 16 years ago
Plus, dodgeball gives people a chance to beat up the nerds.

Yes :rolleyes: . It's probably kids like you who have ruined it for the other players, actually. It's like when gamers run around screaming things like bloodthirsty maniacs, it doesn't really do a lot of good for the image of gaming.


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2nd January 2004

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#32 16 years ago

I'm a nerd and I'm good at dodgeball. It's my favorite game :)


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19th November 2004

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#33 16 years ago

Haha...what will they sue over next? I can hear a lawsuit against a game and/or some gamers over a child's "emotional distress" while playing a game in MP being built right now...

Seriously, this country has gone to pieces. We're banning foods from the lunch because the school was making too much profit from the food (taco salad, was actually selling better than all the other lunches combined, so they banned it) and we're allowing such cases as this one to be taken seriously. Personally, I'd have just laughed them right out of the courthouse if I had been the judge.

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7th December 2003

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#34 16 years ago

lol, banning dodge-ball? I can understand why people argue about banning automatic weapons, but dodgeballs are semiautomatic at most.


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4th June 2004

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#35 16 years ago
Mr. MattI think pens should also be banned; one slip could be fatal. And if you put your head through a computer screen... yep, ban computers too. Teachers sometimes upset students; I think they should be banned too. And students sometimes upset each other, so ban the students too. And brick walls, if you walk into them, you can hurt yourself. I think there's a thin line between health and safety, and insanity.

Why don't we just encase everyone under the age of twelve in large, protective plastic bubbles? That should fix it... I remember in elementary school we used to play "warball," which was basically dodgeball. Then, in third grade, parents complained, and we had to change the name to "fluffball." And then, by fifth grade, we couldn't play it at all. :(

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16th April 2004

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#36 16 years ago

where the hell is this country going

the only reason why it even made it to court is because there was a movie made from it and they can make money by suing the people who made the movie

im getting tired of all these bullshi* lawsuits one guy not too long ago stuck his son's head in a ceiling fan so he could sue the company who made the fan because there wasnt a warning lable on the fan saying that the fan could hurt someone

and there are thousands more like that

one guy, while robbing someone's house, got locked in a garage while the owners of the house were on vacation, the thief then had to spend a week in the garage and only had dog food and a 12 pack of beer to live off of for that week when the family got back to their house the mad suied the family and got 20 thousand dollars


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20th July 2004

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#37 16 years ago

Dodge Ball aint allowed at my school. It pisses me off.


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7th December 2004

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#38 16 years ago

wtf! Dodgeball rules!!!!!!!


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5th December 2003

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#39 16 years ago

America sure likes to go to court for, eh, crap?

Something I don't quite understand: they want to ban dodgeball, because it's dangerous, but they don't want to ban guns?


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9th February 2004

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#40 16 years ago

You cannot ban something when there are hundreds of millions of them out in the world.

A dodgeball or gun requires a user to harm someone.