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9th May 2006

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#11 12 years ago
MrFancypants;3531460Recently there have been a lot of threads which point out that parent's should be blamed for many of the things that go wrong with today's youth. So how would you educate your child in respect to some of the following points: -violence (movies, videogames, use of force to solve problems) -drugs -religion -discipline -morality -politics -homosexuality (add more if you like to) I think it is interesting to spend some thought on this because sometimes there may be conflicts between what you think is right and what you'd allow your children.

Violence- Violence in all it's form is wrong. Video games and movies are just make believe so that's fine but violence against animals and others would not be permitted and the punishment for children should be to stand in a doorway where they can not play with toys but they can see what everyone else is doing. It works quite well. Drugs-All drugs are wrong but if you tell a child that they automatically think they're cool so proper education should be administered. Drugs will not be tolerated in my house. Religion- Most people know i'm not religious and i find it to be riduclous. That said i would let my kids decide if they want to fin religion. It would make for great debats around the dinner table. Morality-Morals are learned through life and they change but i figure teach kids the basics. Don't kill/steal/rape/anything bad. Do help others/help animals good stuff basically. Politics- Again the same as religion. But i would always win those arguments as all good lawyers do. Homosexuality- It's not wrong to be gay, have gay friends or anything to do with gay people, after all they are people. Ammendmet- Racism-See drugs and violence for that one. Racism will not be tolerated in my house. Profanity(swearing/cursing)- I do it so i'm not going to have a double standard. Certain words should not be said in certain company. Intelect- Not a major point but a lot of kids don't WANT to be smart due to ridicule for being a nerd or geek but it is fine to be smart. See i WOULD make a good parent, there's no such thing as a great parent. We do everything we can for our kids so that they grow up with good moral values and ethics but then school sets in and we think we don't have to any more but that is where it is the MOST important time to focus on these values, that way the message doesn't get lost as they get older.

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#12 12 years ago
-violence (movies, videogames, use of force to solve problems) -drugs -religion -discipline -morality -politics -homosexuality

Violence- The more the better. No one ever died from watching Terminator or playing Halo I want my kids to grow up to be men, not pansies. Violence is a part of life. They better get used to it.

Drugs- Tell them that addiction is a serious problem, and should be avoided at all costs. If they want a beer with dinner I would let them have it. I would not care if they drank or smoked, but if I would find heroin or meth, I would send them to rehab. I don't want my kid in prison for killing a man over some drugs.

Religion- Let them make up their own mind. Give them a bible, and if they want, the Muslim and Jewish equivalents.

Discipline- They do something seriously wrong, hit them. For lesser offences, give them a long period in a room. They need to lean that you can't do things with impunity out in the real world.

Morality- Tell them hurting/killing people for no/poor reasons is bad. Tell them not to steal or rape people.

Politics- Let the kid go on his own. I just want to make sure the kid can hold his ground in a debate.

Homosexuality- Tell them that it is to be kept behind closed doors. Don't ask, don't tell others about it. I don't care if my kid is gay or straight, I just want grand kids:p

Sex- Tell him about the pleasure and the consequences of it. Tell him about STDs and pregnancies. Tell him that if he knocks a girl up he is out abut $60,000 for child support over 18 years. Tell him that he only does it with someone he loves as a sign of his love for the girl. Teach him how to use protection, and tell him where to get it at. Avoid the topic of spanking the monkey. As long as I don't see any porno mags, fluids, or viruses on my PC, I won't care.

Work ethic- Teach the kid the value of hard work. Teach him how to use tools at a young age. Have him help me with projects. A good worth ethic makes people rich. You don't get anywhere sitting on your rear.

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