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23rd June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I have recently been thinking about all of the things that the theroy of evolution can't expalin, or doesn't do a job explaining. It seems evolution is nothing more than just a theroy because it has so many gaps. Maybe I was wrong about evolution being the correct idea. I made a list of some of the problems below: 1) Evolution goes against scientific teachings (Mainly spontanous generation) because it suggests that organisms suddenly appeared. 2) Evolution doesn't explain how complex things came into being (Like an arm). How are you going to get that arm if you don't need it, and how is a stump going to be usefull while your arm evovles. Or maybe arms magicly appeared one day... 3) Evolution does not explain why diffrant organisms developed. Theroy goes that water cretures appeared, than moved to land (Why?). Even if you can explain that why would groud cretures decide to fly around like birds? 4) Evolution can't explain how a human evovled from apes. The human Homoids have maybe 6 diffrant types and I find it hard to belive that in a few 100,000 years we went from a basic homiod to Homo Sapien Sapiens (Home Sapiens=Neanderthals). 5) How could life exisit ONLY here. Even in the worst enviorments of Earth life lives so why not on Mars? These are only a few ideas I have, and feel free to try to explain them or add more. And don't turn this into ID Vs. evolution.


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17th September 2003

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#2 13 years ago

Please use the religious discussion thread. This is the same topic as being discussed there.