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#561 15 years ago
D.Sporky!Back to evolution: Many scientists in the Intelligent Design movement are not Christians! Many scientists come from a background of believing 100% in the theory of evolution! Why did stop supporting evolution you may ask. Ask them yourselves, or like I said, read about it. They stopped supported evolution because of it's lack of evidence. I have debated evolution vs. intelligent design on many many public forums. I always ask the same question: "What is the evidence for the theory of evolution?" (evolution meaning a purely naturalistic view of how life come to be on earth from the first cell, to the macro evolution of species into another species) And never have a I gotten a good answer. What have I gotten? Alot of: "what's wrong with you? Everyone knows that evolution is a fact and intelligent design is a bunch of pastors." I also gotten a lot of "you're retarded! Why don't you just face the facts?" And "well what's your proof of god (or religion)?" These are not answers to the question I am posing to you. Darwin himeself said in his Origin of Species, and I quote, "if it could be demonstrated that nay complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would abosolutely break down." Believe it or not, I have a very open mind! If you can show me what I ask, I will 100% believe and support the theory of evolution. What you must do is simple. Show to me the evolutionary explination for the formation of a molecular machine. (A molecular machine being the bacterial flagellum, blood clotting system, or any process that goes on in a cell). And I don't mean you saying "look it up, duh" or "cells came to earth on an astroid." No, I want a detailed explination of exactly how one of these "machines" came to be by naturalistic means. And if you happen to not find one, I want a theory...and idea even of it might have happened. Gentlemen, show me your evidence. :)

Bloody joker , show us evidence not gospel, you talk rubbish, ID is rubbish, evolution will smash the idea of ID., ln the long term watch and see the rise and fall off ID for its lack of evidence, if you cant see the evidence supporting the idea of evolution [ forget darwin ] you are blind. There really is probably no hope of you ever believing it. You tell me how cells were form with evidence from ID ? Cant can you, and when you finally try science is your key, the same science that gives you evolution, no bible tells you how a cell was formed, ID doesnt explain it any more than pure creation explains it with a god clicking his fingers, noo evidence you say, evidence there ever was a god, none, where is your evidence what is writen in that book is fact ? Where is the evidence to factualise ID ? owww crap why did l do this , ok ok ok your right every evo scientist is wrong, you must be right out of pure faith of believing you. l take every post back...............rolf.........:beer:


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#562 15 years ago

thank you saquist, you made me happy :)


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#563 15 years ago

SaquistYou were correct my number was very wrong... The reference says the following.

[...] For example, it found that the rate of radioactive carbon formation in the atmosphere has not been consistent in the past and that this method is not reliable in dating objects from about 2,000 B.C.E. or before I vastly missquoted the book.

Last reply for this night. Only 3 hours sleep remaining...

So you believe that...

1. Adam was born 6,000 years ago, 2. Adam was the first human being on Earth and 3. the "older" human remains found on Earth are just a result of a faulty carbon dating method.

Is that correct?

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#564 15 years ago

This thread is way to similar to the other evloution vs Id thread. I am going to ask that you take your agruments into the other thread.

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