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29th May 2003

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#61 14 years ago

If I decide I dont feel like going to a lesson in college, then I dont have to go.

I dont even need an excuse when I next turn up. I usually only take lessons off if I'm too tired/ have other work to do/ am actually ill.


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#62 14 years ago

[SIZE="2"]When I was young, and in public schools (A life time ago) I could think of all kinds of ways to ditch and play hooky. I had some original stories for my folks as well as cunning ways of instantly becoming sick while at school. It was only years later when I realized I couldn’t have done anything more self damaging.

Ditching might seem like a good idea, but years later more often then not you’ll see it for what it really is. A damning and detrimental choice that harms only you in the long run. A persons education is one of the most important things they possess. [/SIZE]