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#61 14 years ago
Tas;3651345This would be a inside job, not an invasion of a foreign army that doesn't know the lay of the land.

In this day and age anyone can know the lay of the land of just about any place, but guerrilla warfare is still effective so long as you do it smartly. It's not like you could just snap your fingers and win, it would be all about attrition, wearing down the government forces.

Any way you slice it though I think it is a pretty fruitless discussions since the likelihood of the U.S. becoming a fascist state is extremely low.


You might very well think that

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#62 14 years ago

Openly yes, covertly no, it's more likely than you'd think, as the article suggests.

Oh and in response to 'how many people would you get' - if you look at British history (see the 70s riots described earlier in this thread), when the British decide to do something like this, they do it properly and will deal with it. However, you're right, apathy is becoming more and more of an issue in this age of Sky, Fox and mass media making stimulation so easy for the common man that he might not really care who runs things while he can still drink beer and watch TV.

But the issue of apathy really is an irrelevant danger, as if you have a gun or not, if you can't be bothered, you can't be bothered.