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#21 10 years ago


Why would you want to do 110 km/h in the fast lane on a 120 km/h motorway, unless overtaking a truck in a van? :confused:

No 120 km/h limit on motorways this north anywhere (except for a very short length near Kemi). It seemed like the electronical speed limit signs were even showing 80 km/h more often than 100. That's why.

Maybe that's what you meant by speedlimits not being reasonable on motorways.

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#22 10 years ago

Warborg;4952458I heard this on the news as a guy is fighting a ticket he got for warning cars about police doing speed traps.

The police say he interfered in Police matters

He brought up a good point about it warns other cars to slow down while passing a police car(a law if lights are flashing...polite at other times).

I got to thinking... what is suppose to be the real reason for speeding tickets? It is for people to slow down and stop speeding. So, what is wrong with someone flashing their lights and the other cars slow down?

We know the true reason why the police gave him the ticket, because they could not give a speeder a ticket(MONEY).

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the police. This is one of the major hates I have with police. I think 90% of speeding tickets are wasteful and only serve to collect money.

Agree or disagree?

In the Netherlands it's against the law to flash your headlines or honk your horn if there is no valid reason for doing so (ea; warning an other member of public in order to prevent an accident such as flashing your lights or honking your horn because an other car is straying of it's lane and may collide with you or other road users).

So using your light (or horn) to warn other members of public for police speed traps or any other such thing, or using those signals to thank them would be against the law.

This sounds quite reasonable, as you don't want people to use their horn or lights unless they really have to. Or else you'd risk thes signals starting to miss their meaning/effectivness, cause distractions, cause nuisance etc.

So how about the issue of warning others for speed traps? Well, the primairly goal should be to get people to abide the speed/traffic laws for public safety. I do not know what is more effective: a warnign of speedtraps ahead or receiving a ticket. If you are warned about a speedtrap down the road you may check your gauges and may notice you're going a bit over the speed limit and thus decrease your speed and maintain a legal and safe speed. It would be quite annoying to get a speed ticket for a minor violation when you had no intend or awarness of your speeding action (it would still be your own fault though).

On the other hand, there is the risk of people slowing down for the speedtrap only to accelerate once past the trap. This would render the whole purpose of speed traps useless.

Does the police care more about handing out fines then enforcing the law in the intrest of public safety? I'd hope not, though sometimes we all get the impression they are handing out tickets for the sake of handing out a fine (and reaching a cetain quota). Their primairy goal should always be enforcing the law.

So I wouldn't really be able to pick a side as I'd need to know what generally is more effective: people getting a fine or getting notified of them speeding (be it through those "you're driving X KM too fast!" electronic warning devices along the road, getting a warning rather then a ticket for a minor speeding offense, being warned about a speed trap etc.) or being handed a ticket for speeding. This especially applies to minor speed violations. If somebody goes 15+ km too fast (s)he should know better, if they ae doing 50km/h or more over the limit they rightfuly risk suspension of their driving lisence.

So what about me? I try to abise the speed limit, Though I do the customary 5km/h overspeeding: Driving 35 in a 30km/h urban area, sometimes 50 were it's 50 (though you have loads of speedcameras along these urban roads so it's risky to go above 55 or you may get fined for 2 overspeed if you calculate in he 4-5 km correctional error they apply to speed measurements on cameras), 83-85 on provincial roadsAnd I drive 105-110 or 125 on the motorwaydepending on the speed limit of the motorway in question.

Though sometimes tickets can be quite unfair: speeding when you're pretty much the only person on the road and were the road is wide and straight enough for it to be save to speed is a bit silly. Same goes for going through the red light when their is unqustionably no traffic comming from any other direction (this happens especially at night when many roads have very little to no traffic on them anymore at all).

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#23 10 years ago
And there are signs all around.

To the pull overs in the sweeps - I think the fact that the signs are there make it a no-brainer. Not to mention it costs some money to pull a car to the pound as well.

That said, not sure how it's in the US, but here you have to differentiate between two police forces. a) state police - the money they get from the tickets goes into the state bill and they generally don't get enticing premiums from it. And it generally is used by the country.

b) town police - these are different. They aren't employed by the state, but by the respective towns. Also the money they make from fines goes directly into the town budget. And as it's not such a small amount of money, the town generally gives the policemen quite nice premiums for fining people. And as such they tend to be far more fine happy that their state counterparts.

But more often then speeding, they pull over here for a drunk driver check. They ask you for your papers, ask for a blow test and send you off again. Speedings tend to get catched by radars in known locations.


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#24 10 years ago

AlDaja;4953425Don't ever go to California. Back in 1995 going down to Fresno, California CHP (California Highway Patrol) had 43 cars pulled over for exeeding the speed limit. [/QUOTE] :eek: Really? Like a shitload of cop cars made a web and all turned their lights on and collapsed the web against the shoulder? Thats fucked up.

AlDaja;4953425 Sometimes they do large canvas pull overs. I was speeding too, but thankfully I wasn't part of the pull over. I had to slow down because of it, and my aunt who was with me told me what it was and that it happens all the time.

Thats bullshit. The general attitude here in San Diego is as fast as the flow of traffic. I do as fast as I see the cops casually driving. One passed me last night cruising at 75, so I did that. (He didnt have his lights and wasnt racing to catch someone)

If you ever travel the 15 freeway from SoCal to Las Vegas, the cops there are goddamn nazis. They love that stretch because people figure they can open up and do like 100 in the middle of the desert. Nope. The cops have like spiderholes and shit that they just pop out of nowhere if you are doing even 5 over.

[QUOTE=Crazy Wolf;4953437]In California, from my recent experience, you'll be good as long as you're staying under 15-20 above the speed limit on the highways, and under 10-15 above on city streets.

Yea, 10 to 15 under will prolly get you rammed or shot at too.

Unless flow of traffic is otherwise, highways I go about 70.


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#25 10 years ago

I agree i love the cops when there doing actual police stuff but it seems that more of the time there not protecting and serving but demanding more money and bleeding the community dry.I know that i flash my lights if i see the cops and they don't do anything. But that might be because i live where its legal to have a police radar in your car.

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#26 10 years ago

It's about:

A.) Living up to the quota. B.) State money

If a man is impeding upon the process of policemen receiving state funds, he will be fined himself. Compounding the need for state money and a depression "recession" developing nicely, the police will inevitably use more aggressive tactics to milk money out the citizens.

EDIT: Google, get the fuck out of my computer. Just saw an ad about "fighting your speeding tickets". :wtf:


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#27 10 years ago

You say recession like it's a bad thing.


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#28 10 years ago

Jeffro;4955403the police will inevitably use more aggressive tactics to milk money out the citizens. [/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Jeffro;4955403] EDIT: Google, get the fuck out of my computer. Just saw an ad about "fighting your speeding tickets". :wtf:


Looks like you should be more worried about Google than the police using aggressive money-milking tactics.