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#71 10 years ago

Ki Adi Mundi;4847267My words, exactly.

I've worked with the Canadians before. Good people. And, to be fair to them, they deserve the break. Not to mention, it's needed. We (Americans) don't have to take an break from being forward deployed, because we have roughly 30 combat divisions, with another 100 or so independent combat brigades. We have a military force of somewhere around 2.5 million soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines. We have the manpower and the equipment. I was in 4ID (4th Infantry Division). When we got back from Iraq in '04, we were in "reset" for a year- repairing our tanks, re-filling our ranks. Canada simply doesn't have the military resources we do. They are doing the same thing we do, only they don't have another fighting force ready to go when the 1st one comes back.


Red Eye is a show I that I've never even heard of, and I'm a devout Fox News watcher. After looking in to it, I've found it is a political opinion show, airing at THREE IN THE MORNING. It's a bit more hardcore conservative than I like, but just because one show is so heavily one-sided, and more than likely erroneous in it's view, doesn't mean the entire network needs to be taken down.

Fox News is probably the most relevant news source in this country. If you want to take out networks that produce political spin, then there wouldn't be any news channels, no news papers, no magazines, no internet sites- nothing. Everything has a political spin.


All about this "high and mighty" crap, and being the World's police. Personally, I think we shouldn't- the world hates us, why should we lift a finger to help any of them? But, in reality, we kinda have to, because no one else will do it. If there are no Garbage Men, the trash is just going to pile up, decompose, and turn into something deadly- sitting right on your front lawn. You (other countries) better get on your damn knees and thank the heavens we take out your trash, because you (other countries) damn sure aren't going to do it.

I can understand your stance on this, I truly can. But it's a bit hypocritical. What all those late-night British programs, damning America, rah rah rah, blah, blah, blah? What about all those super-liberal Euro-talk shows that do nothing but paint America as the world's bully? That's a political spin- it's showing political opinion. Shouldn't they be eradicated as well?

It'll never happen. And if it does? The day we downsize our military to something like what you see in Europe... is the day I start forming and training my own, private military. In a few years, when the Great Resource War breaks out, all these ultra-liberalist nations will be BEGGING for a bigger military, to help fend off counties like Russia and China. These are massive countries, who will need more resources- YOUR resources, Europe and Asia. Who do you think they are going to go smack around for it? The other big bad kids, or the scrawny pipsqueaks?

Russia won't have much of a military, currently there population growth is in the negative (or so it was two years ago). Only thing we have to worry about would be a Nuclear strike, which IMO even during the Cold War was pretty silly to begin with.

I agree with you on the Garbage man part, I am from Bulgaria, in one of the major and historic cities called Varna, my birthplace, there are fenced ruins across the apartment which my Grandma lives in, it doubles as a trash dumb. Poor people are despised and feared, and guess what to top it all off, Americans are stupid and fat.

That is no different then how Americans are taught to look at people, generalizing peoples, which is not exclusive as our European/North American brethren have clearly shown.

The Invasions are looked upon as Imperialistic in ways, but the thing is, the countries in which this criticism is coming from, are countries who were far worse and infinitely more greedier then America, this is Britain and France. We weren't being imperialistic since we helped establish a government there.

Now the patriot act made Americans look bad, it was out of pure fear, Americans felt they needed to do something, target the group of people who praise things like 9/11. Most of the people deported did not know anything about it, and were tortured for months even though they weren't terrorists.

Hey look at Germany during the 30's, they were in a big pile of crap and were still devastated from WW1, then a party which would later be known as the Nazi's, took people's fear and pointed it to a group which was often pointed at before, the Jews, and eventually led to the slaughter of that group just because there ancestry has a religion. They were believed to degrade the gene pool and that they were the masters of the media, greedy penny chasers. This is just like the Patriot act, just goes to show Europeans and Americans aren't actually that different, in fact there's a chance something similar would have happened in Britain if the Queen's palace was bombed.

As for Fox, really its best just to listen to neutral news, no bias at all just there to give both sides of the story.


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#72 10 years ago

My vote goes to "vote with your remote". :nodding:


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#73 10 years ago

"greatest country in the universe!

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You want to know a big reason why the world hates America? It's because ignorant fools like these get to show the false face of the U.S.A and send it into more and more alienation and hatred from other countries. Is Fox News for republicans? Seems like over patriotic bullshit spewed by people who have never had a history lesson in their life.

These people feel like the top of the world, they feel like the saviors and the police of every person on this planet, they even think they're the best country in the UNIVERSE - that's some cocky statement there! Oh wait, have you actually taken part in these deeds that got you into the apparent 'top'? Oh what was that? Oh.. You didn't I remember now, silly reporters. Typical Americans gloating about what other people did.

You know the people who actually do that job of defending a nation and others? Soldiers, and do you hear them being cocky ignorant twats? No. They have seen the horrors of war and really don't want to gloat about it. I'd sure love to drop these guys into a combat zone and ask them "if they really feel like the protectors now" "do you really feel like the almighty?" I bet they'd cry with fear. They might even get to learn about other cultures and understand quality over quanitity on armed forces. Canada pulled out! HOLY SHIT SOMEONE GO U.N. ON THEIR ARSE! Do I hear them whinning over Germany? I bet they didn't even hear about them, do they even know the Dutch are there? I think not. Incase it didn't come to attention Canada is not a nation built from war, it isn't paraniod every 24 hours that someone, somewhere will bomb them and they need to set up, build, research into weapons so much that maybe giving less money to the army in the country payment plan is unpatriotic and anti American (even with a recession), in otherwords they don't have reserves and countless supplies of ammo and men to go die in a opium drug war.

Anyway, Fox news needs to be reformed or cancled altogether, the longer this show is on air and stays the same the more and more the nation gets dumber and the more the world hates America (but then again, I think we all know to much freedom makes people thick).

Programs like this are full of shit. Any respectable news channel wouldn't dare hosting it. Adding a bit of entertainment is okay now and then, just so you can offer a different kind of "news" next to the propper news for those poor people that find quality reporting "boring" and such. Atleast it should keep a larger adience informed about what is going on around them. But there is a line, when it turns into pure gossip, lies, bath mouthing and other such crap it isn't worth airing anymore. Maybe on a comedy channel with a "Look at these poor sads and laugh at them" program. But on a news channel? Cetainly not.

No, just give me my daily ration of new by the public broadcastring channel and I'm satisfied.

So should fox be reformed? Perhaps, they should throw away shitty items like this and focus on news. The same can be said for other channels that use flashy shows and technology (CCN...). You ain't selling a car, you are "selling" the news, you don't need to add a ton of bell, whistles and fancy gadgets in order to sell your news (hell, the news gets lost under the ton of crap that you serve it with).

The solution? Don't watch that shit, tune in to propper news bullentins. But apparantly, if they keep broacasting this shit a large amount of poor poor people must be watching. Those poor sods. Though I'd argue that said channel should be forced to drop their "news channel" banner as it would be misleading for the less informed, less educated or outright iidiots that can't tell the difference between news, gossip and pure bullshit.

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#75 10 years ago
TheDarkInvader;4854697Presenting one example from one station does not prove that they are all equally biased. Like I said, almost every story Fox News puts out is biased in some respect. Does CNN, or MSNBC, have stories to compare to the Mass Effect "report" posted above? Do they have nearly as many?I don't think it has much bearing on what I'm saying. If I say Fox news is a terrible broadcaster it doesn't mean I'm endorsing channels of an opposing slant.

I watched Fox news at morning chow, and cnn at afternoon chow, every day for about 4-5 months while I was at artillery school in Fort Sill. I really couldn't see a noteworthy difference in "bias".

As for European news outlets, I mentioned the British tabloid press myself by way of comparison. I can't think of a European news channel that even comes close to Fox News' culture of bias (if they did they would probably fall foul of broadcasting standards here), but I can only speak for UK channels.I posted a working version on the previous page.

The Guardian prints crap that even national enquirer would be too embarrassed to show.:Puzzled:


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#76 10 years ago

It's a late night TV show enough said.