Free Dope in Netherlands,what do you think? 21 replies

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12th November 2003

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#21 14 years ago
PB2AUYou know, for all the hype made about the Netherlands legalizing stuff, you really seem to miss the point. It’s not as if prostitution, drug use, and other illegal things don’t occur in other countries, they just occur illegally. It also ironically occurs on a much larger scale in other countries. People die when a drug deal goes sour in foreign countries. People O.D. daily on ‘illegal’ drugs. People regularly contract S.T.D’s from prostitutes who have not had a medical exam. Those things shouldn’t happen, because they are ‘illegal’, but they do. And that is where a lot of the danger comes from. By legalization, the Dutch government is really protecting people from the dangers of having to take a practice ‘underground.’ Example: Amsterdam’s Red Light District is interestingly one of the most secure regions of the city. Cameras on every street corner, a good surveillance team; there is little or no violence and, when there is, the criminal is apprehended in a time which would astound law enforcement in other countries dealing with similar areas. By legalizing (or at least regulating but tolerating it), the Dutch government has succeeded in both 1) Increasing safety for drug users, prostitutes, and other such people 2) Decreasing the actual total use of all substances and situations Because, although prostitution is technically ‘illegal’ in the United States (just an example, don’t bother me about which country I note for comparison), it occurs on a much wider scale. Prostitution is contained in certain, secure areas of each Dutch city, while it runs rampant in American cities. All the Dutch government has done is make sure the druggie won’t leave his house on a drug binge, slaughter a prostitute and abandon her in a car in the middle of the inner city. Even though both drugs and prostitutes are ‘illegal’ in the United States, such scenarios occur much more often in America than they do in Holland. Because of legalization

very well said PB2AU!

im not saying im happy with the legalization of things in the netherlands, but it seems to be the best remedy for now, when legal, it can be controlled, and cause less victims.. sad but true.


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7th December 2005

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#22 14 years ago

I guess Delta Force got the best Arguments, it should be legalized. It isnt the Dope thats causing problems,but those who criminalize it. There are People that can take Drugs,without problems.And others that shouldnt even think about of taking Drugs,for example maybe cause theyre Paranoid or Psychic labil.