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#1 8 years ago

Last year the French parliament passed HADOPI, a revision and expansion of copyright and anti-piracy laws, which included a three-strikes principle to those who are suspected of filesharing. It was supposed to kick into action in the summer, but was held up by legal challenges. It overcame this and earlier this week, HADOPI began to act on its functions.

Working with groups like Trident Media Guard to monitor activities on filesharing sites, HADOPI gathers the IPs of offenders. These are furnished to ISPs, who are expected to work with HADOPI to send a warning letter to the offender. Upon reaching three violations they will be reported to a judge, who will impose punishments, typically fines and cutting off internet access.

This week HADOPI sent out the first batch of IPs to ISPs, and soon we will see how the law operates and whether it solves piracy problems as its advocates have touted. More over, whether legal challenges will be brought up.

France joins South Korea with nations who have fully implemented a three-strikes policy for piracy. New Zealand also passed a law relating to this, but it has yet to be implemented. The UK's Digital Economy Bill also provides similar measures.