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5th September 2006

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#31 10 years ago

Nature takes care of population control. Worse case scenario in US agriculture. The European honeybee based on current population decreases projects this crucial insect will be extinct in 30 years (why – nobody knows – best guess the planet has chosen them for extinction). 80 percent of the nutrient rich foods we rely on as a species require direct pollination from honeybees (flys, wild bees, etc.) only account for a fraction of the necessary pollination. So…crops fail food productions drops significantly – America by necessity cuts off food exportation to the nearly 100 countries we supply daily. Starvation sets in within a matter of weeks in these nations followed by famine than ultimately war. There you go – population control. Sucks, but it’s a reality we will all face soon enough. Food prices have sky rocketed lately and if compounded by crop failure well, history has show what happens to civilizations and people in general when that happens.