funny little thing i have goin on in my life 22 replies

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#21 14 years ago

Hey my comments were serious it is a good plan.

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#22 14 years ago

Just hang out with her, take her out during lunch or just sit with her. Chat a bit with her, help her with her English. Offer her to give her a tour through the city or something like that and keep it at that. When you are friends you can always move to the next level if she seems to be in for it, and if not it's still fine to just stay friends, if you managed to let her feel "at home" and welcome then that's more she could have ever asked for. Do not push it or force yourself upon her, just hang out with her (for now)!


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#23 14 years ago

just eat sit with her at lunch dont take her out yet, wait 3 or 4 days then take her out to eat.