Gas prices expected to rise by 25 -35 cents. 64 replies

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17th June 2003

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#61 16 years ago
BeeF FlaPs Long live gasoline!

How convenient, as far as we are concerned it will live long. At the current rate of consumption oil reserves shouldn't be depleted for another seventy years I think. By that time almost none of here will be alive/able to drive. The only problem is that the price isn't going to remain the same, nor is there going to be any alternatives for when our children are living, there will be virtually no fossil fuels left. Let's use that higher level of intelligence that every one of us preaches that we have and start using it to look towards the future, not taking part in temporary pleasures.


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10th July 2004

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#62 16 years ago

im gonna' have to use my bike more now...

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23rd May 2004

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#63 16 years ago

"look towards the future, not taking part in temporary pleasures."

temporary plessure is what its all about as far as im concerned. when it comes to vehicles, pleasure is what comes to mind, not general transportation to and from work or to the store.


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16th July 2003

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#64 16 years ago

BeeF FlaPsWhy would you laugh at that! That is one sweet engine/car combo. it's not like that Camaro would be his everyday driver. At least I would hope not. Others would laugh at your girlie 6 shooter Mustang hehe ;) Hey look at me.. I'm getting 30 MPG. So what, enjoy life and live a little. Now a little econobox for getting to work is fine, but you got to have a play vehicle.

I was driving a 400 HP Mustang Cobra that got great gas mileage. Give me power and speed over economy anyday. Save the 6 cyl cars for the girlies :)

I drive a 2001 Maxima, thats as econobox as I will EVER get! It gets great MPG and is comfy for everyday driving :) Going to purchase a 06/07 Mustang Cobra also.. hopefully it will have 500 HP!! I am also building a 1969 Camaro project witha big block :) Eat that you tree huggers :) mmm smell that high octane :) I guess what i'm trying to say here is... raise the gas prices if ya have to just don't take away our precious horspower vehilces and replace them with slow ugly hybrid shitboxes :)

The thing is he is a union electrician and keeps getitng laid off so its not like he can afford to kep gas in it. He had to park his big chevy 4wd truck and buy a 86 mustang 4 cyl as a daily driver for the fuel economy.

My Mustang would be a girlie car if it hadnt been upgraded to 4 wheel disc brakes, 8.8" rear, M-5300-C springs, 16" 5 lug 98 Cobra R 5 spokes, P245/40-16 all 4 corners, 1.12" front and .95" rear swaybars, lowered 1.0" and had a 82 Mustang GT nose and 82 GT hood. Just need to finish bodywork and get it painted. The engine is out now and Im debating whether to rebuild and turbo the stock I6 or get a Australian 250 aluminum head crossflow motor and hop that up.

And yes if I had the money I would buy a Mustang Cobra in a second, even if I couldnt afford to drive it I would sit in it everyday and lovingly stroke the dash and grab the steering wheel and make racing engine sounds. :nodding: The other option is to get a Factory Five 1965 427 Cobra kit car.

Its fast enough for me and with the suspension mods corners like a slotcar.


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22nd September 2002

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#65 16 years ago

Just bustin your chops Anlush ;) I love all Mustangs, six's and 8's Sounds like you made some nice MODS! Why not drop in a 5.0? You can still get good MPG if properly tuned, and have some fun also :) Drop a SVO engine it it :)