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14th March 2004

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#51 15 years ago

Hitler couldnt have pulled it of if there wasnt already widespread antisemitism in Europe! The ground was already fertile. As for current day Germany: WHen I was backpacking in South America I witnessed a group of Israelies harassing a German, and speaking in reference of holocaust, how much he owed them. It was sad to see some jerks using the credit of their grandparents to boast their egoes. The German didnt object to being verbally harassed... Thats the problem of the Germans in this matter... They need to distinguish better between kneeling down and bending over! The Israelies? What would they be without the Holocaust? It seems to be what define them? Thats sad!


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4th May 2004

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#52 15 years ago

THe people of Germany should not have to pay for their ancestors crimes. However, the Holocaust should never be forgotten. Go to the Holocaust Museum in DC, and you'll see some of the horrors.