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8th July 2006

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#31 13 years ago

Well...sometimes I think guys are insincere about what they really think or feel half the time. It seems to me that most guys keep a lot to themselves and don't open up that much. So we never really know what you are thinking most of the time. We try to figure it out through your actions but half the time that is confusing too because guys tend to kid around a lot. You don't know when they are serious or joking half the time. Sometimes they say the meanest thing ...and all of a sudden they say they are joking. Sometimes they are overly nice ..but that is when you worry about them wanting sex. I do not see how simple you say guys are. I do not think they are simple at all at the very least.


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#32 13 years ago

It's simply how humans, and many other animals, are. Men are looknig for women who can pass on their genes. Generally speaking this means large hips for bearing children, and decent sized breasts for feeding the children. All people also generally want a healthy mate so they will live long enough to care for the children. Genetically anyways, fertility is a huge turn on(the most important one)

Women generally want a man who can keep them safe. In this world women can now care for themselves so now they mostly want someone who can make them feel safe and secure. Before women were looking for someone who could fend off predators. It's intresting to see how many of the same qualities still apply today as they did throughout much of history. In fact weight is one of the only things that has changed, you used to look for people who were atleast somewhat over weight because it meant they were rich. Now anyone can get fat so it doesn't matter anymore.


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6th January 2006

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#33 13 years ago

One tip i haven't seen is after 1 date or whatever, Don't think about what happened. It'll drive you crazy. Believe me, i went out on a date with a girl just before spring emester ended, I still have to wait until late august to see her again and i've found that it is best not to think about it. And jill, Great sig, Bama girls do kick butt, Roll Tide.