Greenpeace - Crazy hippies or worried environmentalists? 50 replies

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16th April 2005

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#51 12 years ago

Greenpeace does base itself here for the summer anti-whaling hunt.

Nothing like a spot of state terrorism, eh boys?

that clunker ship of theirs dumps more toxins in the ecosystem, than most of the people they want to shut down.

This would be the Esperanza, the Greenpeace flagship which had; "the removal or safe containment of all asbestos; fitting a special fuel system to avoid spillage; newly fitted, more efficient, diesel electric propulsion; on board recycling of waste water, leaving only clean water pumped overboard; a waste based heating system; bilge water purifiers, 15 times more effective than current legislation demands; TBT-free hull paint; ammonia based refrigeration and air-conditioning rather than climate changing and ozone depleting Freon gas - the first Dutch registered vessel to be so fitted; and an environmentally and economically efficient propulsion system to reduce CO2 emissions."