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#11 11 years ago

lol i thought it was the movie with will smith and the other guy lol i was so wrong


I didn't make it!

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#12 11 years ago

Good movies. But ya, somethings happen...creepy things...never to me though! What's up with that!? lol, so this is one of your pre-introduction forum posts, Element. I see...:) Anlushac11-Awesome avatar!!! I can't stop watching, :lol:


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#13 11 years ago
nanobot_swarm;3872515the story was true, it was on the discovery channel on some special on UFO's, thre were many other stories

You think its true because it was on the Disovery channel? That means nothing.

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#14 11 years ago

It's amazing how a man in a black suit can generate so much mythology. I even heard one theory suggesting that the MIB themselves were aliens...

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#15 11 years ago

Yeah I heard that too!! Eversince roswell the U.S government had constant contact with aliens.:lol: This thread made me remember that "Sightings" Show That I used to watch with vigor. Oh yeah another favourite is the Unmarked Black helicopters as well.

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#16 11 years ago
badhairday;3876300You think its true because it was on the Disovery channel? That means nothing.

No he thinks its true because there are multiple reports and sightings and books and witnesses on the subject. He happened to see a show about it on the Discovery Channel. I have seen the show as well.

I do not doubt that the unmarked black helicopters exist. I have seen a couple that would fit the description. They were UH-60 Blackhawks and looked like they might have been set up for night ops. The paint was very dark and IIRC is a special formula for reducing the IR signature.

The USAF uses a version for search and rescue and IIRC SOG uses a similar setup.

There have been many domestic stories regarding black helicopters and operations in the US. There was a recent (two to three years ago) incident where people reported lights in teh sky and not long after black helo's were seen operating at low altitude at night without any running lights on.

This in itself is not all that unusual except the Military would not comment on any activities in that area at that time. It was in Southeast Indiana/Southwestern Ohio.

Closest military base is Jefferson Proving Grounds in southern Indiana and Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio, the supposed home of USAF Project Blue Book and where the urban myth is that the USAF has several UFO's in underground labs.

The black helicopters look alot like this MH-60


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#17 11 years ago

mmh strange, i believe they exist and there are people, agents like MIB that come to you and offer you something so you shut your mouth. There are a lot of stories like MIB movie with smith but that's overrated. I think they are some sort of roswell department with quite advanced stuff that monitors all alien comm etC.


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#18 11 years ago

A couple years ago, the power went out in our house. by our house is a ditch, well that night me my mom and my sister saw a strange red light there in the ditch. It then dissapered when we went out to see what it was. The next morning there was nothing in the ditch that could have possible made that light.

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