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29th January 2004

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#41 13 years ago

Ya know, there aren't only like 2 types of pills people can take as narcotics. Not many people are stupid enough to take ecstacy at school, you'd know it when you look at them 'cause their eye is one big pupil(If you saw an Ecstacy tablet, you'd probably know 'cause they usually have wierd shapes engraved in them, or other random things printed on them, in a variety of colors). Secondly, to all of you who question your advice while you're typing it, atleast research what you're talking about before you blabber on about it. Anyways, if she's just smoking weed, don't take it that seriously, just confront her about it, and let her know it bugs you, it'll show that you still care for her. But if she's all shootin' up with this guy, call the cops...