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#171 8 years ago

crisissuit3;5552819teach them right, and I'm sure they could be part of the solution.[/QUOTE] I'm very big on green, and having a child compounds your carbon footprint by 20 times or more. (Ever seen a Prius with a baby seat in back? Its a monumental hypocrisy!) There's no way I'd have a kid. I shutter at images of the landfill contributions I created throughout my life. I won't perpetuate that abomination.

crisissuit3;5552819 Where did you find that? it sounds very interesting to look up. If genetics controls sexuality, it may be natures way of saying, "calm down."

I don't know of the study personally. Just some information pertaining to Carl Sagan's book floating around online. You can find all kinds of studies about mice and experiments with sexuality online. I think the Chinese made homosexual mice by removing serotonin from them, genetically. While alive, they added it back into their tiny biological systems, and they went back to heterosexual behavior. Really crazy stuff.

[QUOTE=Vasili;5552821]Homosexuality is Gods way of making sure the truly gifted are not burdened by children.

Depends on the god. Most religions would have homosexuals stoned, or something else equally terminal.


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#172 8 years ago

I thought it was koreans who did the mice thing :)