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#1 7 years ago


No, not that kinda piracy.

I mean entertainment piracy.

Game piracy I refuse point blank to commit. IMO, game piracy makes a significant impact on the PC game industry, and I do not want to be one of the people that kill something awesome.

Music piracy I am a little different about. If it is a very popular artist signed to a major label, I don't really care about pirating. But, if it is a band that I listen to on an hourly basis (for me, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, etc...) I will buy the material in a heart beat, because I want to support them as much as possible.

Video piracy I am so shaky on I wont bother to waste your time explaining something that honestly doesn't have any sort of structure.

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#2 7 years ago

To be honest, it depends on whether or not I think/feel that the producer, artist, creator, publisher etc. ask a fair price for their work. Basically if I think it's worth it and a fair deal. I shall not mention any specific titles or products but some f which seem much to expensive for what I intend to do with it. Sometimes you may be able to rent or borrow said product (from friends, the library etc.) and sometimes you may just feel like you have no choice but to err.. acquire them via other ways.

I also do use piracy as a method to sample, test certain material (such as (e)books). It lets me see what product is superior to the other, I make my choice and then go and buy the product of my choice. Marketing methods such as 1-2 free numbers of a (new) band come into mind here too. I like that! :)

Oh and a coupl of times I did saw a nice movie on TV but missed the last bit or the very start. Being curious about the last/first scenes of the film in question, I have used various options that are at my disposal to view this. And no, I don't feel any bad about watching things for free if I saw 90% of it already.

PS: Speaking of piracy and piracy. Ditto with cloths. I am not the type of person that buys big brands. I usually buy my cloths at a shopping mall or have no spot something that simple looks pleasing to the eye. I don't give a thing about wether it's a famous brand, unknown brand or what else not. I like my cloths to look basic/simple (not craving for attention) while looking atleast a little smart and not too plain either. During trips to various countries you can buy copied or fake brand cloths. Now I might be unfamiliar with over half of the names to begin with. I could see myself buying a nice looking shirt at a market in say Thailand, only to find out at the customs department that it's apparantly a copy of some brand. :clueless: I don't give a damn about brand clothing, I just want a nice looking shirt. =p



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#3 7 years ago

As a musician myself and having worked with record labels etc, i know that bands don't make their money from selling records, because all that money made from selling CD's and downloads, goes straight to the label's and producers to cover the expenses of hiring studio's, producers etc. the money does NOT go to the actual artists themselves, unless in rare cases when the artist has complete control on what happens to the record, which is exceptionally rare. Artist's make their money from merch, and touring mainly, so i dont really mind downloading music from pirate bay or bit torrent.


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#4 7 years ago

YouTube is, or atleast used to be piracy as well. And don't say piracy doesn't promote artists as well, millions of people have found new bands and good music from the Internet by "free music".

Fans are willing to support the artists regardless, but won't support the record label that takes most of the CD's price.

Record labels are defending their obsolete industry with big money. Just face the facts, Internet is here and people aren't going to buy CDs in the future anymore at all. They should deal with it instead of go on this "anti piracy" bitter and useless battle.


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#5 7 years ago
Stratopwn3r;5549285I mean entertainment piracy.

My views vary on piracy. I'd agree with you on the gaming front, especially as most games lately require a genuine copy in order for additional downloads and on-line play to work. With most games though, you're given a demo, that should be ample material for you to base a like / dislike on it.

Music varies; if there's an album I want, I'll buy it, burn it onto another computer / disc, and then sell it on. Not like I'm completely ripping off the music industry, I'm not not downloading it outright. I will occasionally download a single that I like, if it's avaliable, though these days, so long as you've an account on YouTube, you can listen to your favourite tunes whenever you're on the Internet.

Films; I'll only download films that I've actually wanted to see; I wont download any old trash, and then I'll only download films that I've missed at the cinema. If I like the film, I'll buy a genuine copy of it and add it to my collection, if I decide I don't like the film, I remove it from my computer. Simples.

Now, television shows are probably the big one for me; I download a lot to keep up with them. The main annoyance I have here is that many American shows (I only watch American and British ones) are shown several weeks or months ahead of the UK. Why should I wait around for something that has already been made public? it's also annoying when I go to a forum, or happen to come across some information on a website that spoils a part of a show because I 'hadn't got there yet'. That is the sole reason I download television shows; if they all aired at the same time (or within a day or two) then I'd wait, but they don't.

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#6 7 years ago

I'd say if you pirate a product which you like you're hurting yourself in the long term.

That being said, many of the industries that are fighting piracy are really just using this as a way to maximize their profit. It has nothing to do with legality or morality but more with the ability of corporations to scare people into using their antiquated business model.

The music and movie industry needs to adapt sooner or later. New forms of distribution with fair prices will be more efficient at killing piracy than lawsuits.

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#7 7 years ago

In Canada it's legal to download music as long as you don't use any kind of torrent program. Illegal to upload though.

I mainly torrent a game if a demo is not available, some games I'm just not too certain about, and without a demo I either have to waste my time and money buying the game at a store only to find out it sucks. I've never kept the torrented games, I've only Assassin's Creed 1, because I loved it and didn't find it repetitive.


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#8 7 years ago
Schofield;5549456 I've never kept the torrented games, I've only Assassin's Creed 1, because I loved it and didn't find it repetitive.

Come on, not even a little ? I mean after the 7th guy... Please.

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#9 7 years ago

I have never downloaded pirate software. I find the idea reprehensible. The notion that you are somehow entitled to something for free for whatever loosely justified reason is childish and, ultimately, irresponsible in the long run.

If you can't afford something, either save up for it or don't have it.

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#10 7 years ago

I've no problem with piracy - largely because I believe copyright and patent law is set up in such a way that the ownership of the items being 'pirated' is morally and economically questionable to begin with.

If you can't get what you want playing fairly, then take it unfairly; that's my motto. Well, it's not. But if I had a motto that might be it. That or, 'Take it all and keep it if you can.' ;)

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