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9th August 2003

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#31 10 years ago
Quetron;4433409so you been told, america is strong, don't dilly dally getting bambozzled from these far leftist non americans, think for yourself. !

As in the other thread, quit flamebaiting.



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14th August 2004

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#32 10 years ago
Afterburner;4433383The ease of doing business index? How do you measure the ease of doing business? I give you money, you give me product. How can that be harder or easier?

American companies have monopolies going. I'm not sure about NZ, but if you try to set up a shop which competes with Wal-Mart in America, you'll find things don't go very far.

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16th April 2005

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#33 10 years ago

Afterburner;4433383The ease of doing business index? How do you measure the ease of doing business? I give you money, you give me product. How can that be harder or easier?[/quote] Obviously there's more to business than that

[QUOTE=]A nation's ranking on the index is based on the average of 10 subindices:

  • Starting a business - Procedures, time, cost and minimum capital to open a new business
  • Dealing with licenses - Procedures, time and cost of business inspections and licensing (construction industry)
  • Hiring and firing workers - Difficulty of hiring index, rigidity of hours of index, difficulty of firing index, hiring cost and firing cost
  • Registering property - Procedures, time and cost to register commercial real estate
  • Getting credit - Strength of legal rights index, depth of credit information index
  • Protecting investors - Indices on the extent of disclosure, extent of director liability and ease of shareholder suits
  • Paying taxes - Number of taxes paid, hours per year spent preparing tax returns and total tax payable as share of gross profit
  • Trading across borders - Number of documents, number of signatures and time necessary to export and import
  • Enforcing contracts - Procedures, time and cost to enforce a debt contract
  • Closing a business - Time and cost to close down a business, and recovery rate
Looking at one example, Australia, the best performing nation on the first subindex "Starting a business", there are 2 procedures required to start a business and taking on average 2 days to complete. The official cost is 0.8% of the Gross National Income per capita. There are no minimum capital required. In Guinea-Bissau, the second worst performing nation on the first subindex, there are 17 procedures required to start a business taking 233 days to complete. The official cost is 255.5% of the gross national income per capita. A minimum capital of 1006.6% of the gross national income per capita is required. While fewer and simpler regulations often imply higher rankings, this is not always the case. Protecting the rights of creditors and investors, as well as establishing or upgrading property and credit registries, may mean that more regulation is needed.


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#34 10 years ago

The name is what threw me off. "Ease of Doing Business Index." sounded more like "How hard is it to buy and sell shit." rather than starting a business, hiring workers, buying property, paying taxes, and closing a business.


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9th July 2008

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#35 10 years ago

i still live with my parents.

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26th May 2003

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#36 10 years ago

Well this thread’s in urgent need of a rant.

I live in England. I'm not allowed guns, or swords, or pointy knives because they're something only nations are trusted enough to use apparently. (Somewhat overlooking that the greatest death tolls exacted in the last sixty odd years come not from the relatively low levels of killings that come from armed citizens but from the massive slaughter inflicted by various states that once looked not so different from our own.)

I live in England where I can be locked up for forty days without being charged with anything under the powers granted to the police in the wake of 9/11, released for a short while and then locked up for another fourty days without being charged with anything, a pattern that could potentially continue for the rest of the my life.

I live in England, where possessing knowledge that simply could be useful to a terrorist act is illegal. Know anything that might be used by a terrorist? Like oh I don't know, basic chemistry, important road links in and out of london, ferry timetables? Anything like that? Well you're a criminal under English law. Unless that is you can provide 'reasonable excuse' but there ain't a definition for what 'reasonable excuse' is so you'd better pray to god that the person sitting in judgement happens to like you when the time swings around or you're fucked.

I live in England where simply talking about the disadvantages of immigration is technically a racial hate crime that can land you in jail for around four years.

I live in England and I know of incompetence in government branches through some useful friendships that you wouldn't believe. I know of police firearms officers who've lost their guns and then found them turned in by members of the public. (These are the same police that are trusted with guns when we aren't and the same members of the public that can't be trusted with them :rolleyes: ) I know of... gods I could go on with that particular list forever.

I live in England where I can defend myself if I'm attacked on the street but considering the state of the legal system and police force I'd probably go to jail for it if I was stupid enough to stick around and wait for the police to turn up to the incident.

England, the green and pleasant land. Where smoking cigaretes is almost prohibitively expensive because the government wishes to live your life for you, where drinking my favourite drinks is expensive because of a similar punitive tax. Where we have the greatest numbers of CCTV cameras of any nation in the world. Where any object can be considered an offensive weapon depending upon where it is in relation to you and so on without you even having to use it as one, and the burden of proof for that is placed on the accused not the government. Where if I come into any significant sum of money I have to account for how I got it, where if I seem to live beyond my apparent means I have to justify how it’s actually within my means. (You wouldn't believe the paperwork needed to buy a flat these days thanks to all that, it's ridiculous.) Where I'm free to do precisely sweet fuck all other than go to university, go to work, and twiddle my thumbs in the meantime.

I live in England I'm meant to turn the other cheek to everything in this world that shits on my freedom to live a decent enjoyable life. Some kid starts mouthing off to you or spitting at you you're meant to do nothing but walk on by whistling your fucking merry tune. I'm meant to be a weak and pathetic ward of the state, tied up in little legal chains while every freedom that could possibly be held dear is raped repeatedly by people too insulated from the effects of their own decisions to give two fucks.

Whatever happened to an Englishman's home is his castle? What happened to civil liberties like freedom of speech that was actually reasonably free; like not automatically being a criminal; like due process before the law before the imprisonment? What happened to the days when the dreadful mismanagement of the economy wasn't around and we had more leisure time, more money, and were able to enjoy ourselves with that money more?

We're not free; we're one nation under the thumb. And the irony is that the thumb cuts murderers and the like a huge amount of slack, we're losing our liberties and we're not even getting the safety part of it in exchange.

Ever play the sims? Sooner or later anyone with that kinda power sits the sim down in a small room with a fire and no doors or windows, and lets it burn to death slowly just so the screams make a moment of interest in an otherwise boring game. Welcome to England, you are the sim, you have no real freedom other than to go to work and buy into the boring 9-5 lifestyle with 2.4 children, and eventually, just out of some old men's ennui, you're going to burn along with the freedoms you no longer have.

And the government wonders why so many people go off the deep end when they make legal life such a shit boring difficult thing to live. As of late I've come to think it's nigh on impossible to do anything without breaking the law anymore, to a large extent there's just no point trying; you're a criminal, doesn't matter if you're a nice person or a nasty one, doesn't matter whether you've really hurt anyone or not. You're just fucked and it's probably going to go on like this forever.

I honestly hate this country, have done for a long time now. I'm probably going to stick around for another decade or so, finish uni, get some decent work experience in one of the more in demand professions - then I'm through with it.

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8th October 2006

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#37 10 years ago

I live in New Zealand. And I would say that I have lots of freedom. Sure, if you complain people might not listen to you, but you still get the freedom to complain, nonetheless.