How strong is your class and respect towards others? 3 replies

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10th June 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Do you know how strong your respect to others actually is?

Now let me explain what I MEAN by that.

You may be the most classy man on the planet or the lowest down loser.

However considering if you were average or above average with class and dignity and respect towards high of a degree of change leads you to "become someone else" and to lose all that and to go to primitive anger to become a jerk and forget all your class act?

Now an example of what I am on about.

Say I have lots of respect and class towards my mother usually. One day I become sick and stay sick for several days. My family does not take me seriously about it and eventually I crack.. I say to her "f@ck you" I snap and break down into an angry and violent person.

I lose my class.

Just an example ^^

Having class is something that you practice and it is actually a commitment that can be very deep and profound. It says something about a person who makes an effort to be classy and respecting towards others. It might even say how strong and emotionaly stable that person is. To be able to rule out anger, fear, excitment...violence and to maintain a calm mannered level. Also the ego may be strong if one can with confidence strive over his differences with others and to try to be the better man and maintain his class.

If you break down easy over anyone then you are not so hard to beat. Regardless you may hate someone like no one else and may break down over that but then you simply fail to control your emotions and such an instance could relate to a millionth more where you would just as easy fail if the same stimulate or anger was presented to you. On an average daily basis you could break because of this individual any moment...which makes you inferior to him and out of control. So noted that would make you weak if you consider that.

So I am asking you to consider everyone actually. Or just maybe that one person that makes you ignore your self control as I call "class" But not only self control that is descriptive also dignity, respect , control of feelings..calm ..etc etc How much class do you have to begin with? How easy is it for you to put it aside and to start swearing or fighting...How strong is your cool?



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28th August 2006

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#2 13 years ago

You are saying you feel guilty, because you no you snap and do wrong. This "class" your talking about isn't respect for others, it's what you think about yourself compared to others. I might think a bumb is classy, (example) Another words a real classy guy can be really funky, or other faults. Respect is how you are, some people blunder through make a mess behind them and don't even consider others. Having respect you always consider the other persons first. You could be very respectfull of others, but have no class. You don't need to be classy around your mom, but cussing or being disrespectfull to anyone is a bad deal. The anger thing is a whole different thing, if someone pisses you off, you need to sit back and think, is this a reaction the way I am behaving, Don't be reactive just THINK. someone says, you are stupid and miss scxhool and you are just faking it, how do you "react" you could just say, well they don't believe me but I am sick, or you could throw things blow up buildings or pout look at what is important, if your house was burning you wouldnt get mad at the house because it's REAL danger. If I say you are a bumb there is no danger, but youl react as if the house is on fire.

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26th May 2003

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#3 13 years ago

I never really lose my cool, at worst other people bore me. Sometimes I'll be rude to others but it's not because I've lost control of myself, I just want them to react in a certain way that the rudeness produces.


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31st December 2003

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#4 13 years ago

I'm usually calm and reserved. I have a tendency to create an instant disgust for people depending on their appearance, the feeling may be amplified by observing how they interact with others, but it'll rarely diminish. Most people are simple-minded and have nothing they wish to achieve; that's the reason why I usually act hostile towards a lot of people I don't know. Maybe not in words, but in actions, as I'm usually dismissive save for when I respect that person.

As for emotions, I rarely get upset, and it's not words that aggravate me, it's intentions. Although I never really snap anymore, I used to do that, I can still feel a benevolent rage brewing inside of me on some occasions, though, but I can restrain it, even though letting it out feels great.