how to preserve my language??(help) 15 replies

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#11 12 years ago

I have trouble remembering Japanese so I watch lots of anime and Japanese films. :p


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11th March 2006

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#12 12 years ago

I really regret forgetting Chinese. I could speak the Shanghainese dialect fluently up to the age of 5 or 6, where I completely forgot it.

Since then I can't speak it at all, apart from some basic words like Hello or Goodbye, and my accent is atrocious.

But yeah, like others have mentioned, since you're joining the army, you could become a translator.

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#13 12 years ago

Get on an internet forum that uses Arabic.


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#14 12 years ago

I go to bilinguel school (German-English) and I find it a bit hard to keep up the german sometimes. So just write, read and speak as much is possible.



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#15 12 years ago

I speak English and French and I've begun to lose to my French. I can barely speak it and can no longer write it since I tend to forget so many of the words and conjugations, but I can still understand it to a degree. I usually watch French television (Higgins le but!!!) to keep up with my understanding of the language, but my speech and writing of the French language I fear are too far gone, I'd have to take a refresher course.


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#16 12 years ago

I've been in the states for about six years now but my Polish has barely degraded, I may forget a word once in a while, but that's about it. It's mostly due to the fact that I have a great balance of both langauges in my life, I speak only english at school and with my friends, and exclusivly Polish at home with my parents.

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