I've had a revelation during my time here: God is a hypocritical, narcissistic, bigot 193 replies

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10th January 2004

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#191 16 years ago
SGDidn't Jesus say you didn't need to be jealous?

Not that I know of...:uhm:


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4th October 2004

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#192 16 years ago

Excession's points are not exactly right, but are pretty close.

1. If he did the whole thing to wipe to world free of sin why didn't he give Noah's family a chance to be sinless humans like Adam and Eve could have been? 2. Look at the horrors committed today, the sins we KNOW OF. Homosexuality, rape, incest, beastility, murder, and dozens of others. Logically, if he wiped out the world because of it's wickedness wouldn't he have to do it again and again becuase how evil humans always become? Or does he not care any more? 3. The Old and New Testatement constantly contradict each other constantly. Jesus says love your enemies, God say after the walls of Jericho kill everyone. Every man, woman, and child. Ahem, if you gave your son to give me a chance why couldn't you give those kids a chance?

Chew on that for a little bit. Personally, I'm young and foolish, I'm certian though that one day I'll understand God. Right now I don't know.

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12th August 2003

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#193 16 years ago

You just HAD to bring this back up, didn't you?

Anyways, here's the answers.

1. Humans are naturally independent, a nice way of saying disobidient. We all have the chance to be sinless, but few take it up. 2. See #1. 3. God doesn't do that kind of thing anymore. In the Bible, he says something like "Sorry for killing all those people, I'll be merciful from here on in"

I don't understand God either, but I don't hate Him and I still trust Him.

And when something has not been posted in for three weeks, it's considered dead.

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19th January 2004

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#194 16 years ago

This thread died 3 weeks ago...