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26th May 2005

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#11 11 years ago

I just wish he'd stop touching the damn camera. It's so distracting.



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5th August 2003

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#12 11 years ago
GuineaPig;4590320I feel sorry for the States... I mean where I live (in Quebec) I've got a choice of between 5 parties, 3 or 4 of which always have a decent chance to win, which represent a broad spectrum of political ideals. In Canada, if you don't vote... well you're not a moron, but you're not helping anyone.

3 with a decent chance? Since when did the NDP have a chance? I hope to hell you don't mean the Bloc :lol: Nah, I think the Greens have a better chance than NDP.

Depends on your riding really. I live in Jim Flaherty's riding, and he'll win by a huge margin, not because he's a good MP, no, he was our MPP for the longest time, and won his seat based on his name, beating out a long-time Liberal MP who actually did stuff for our region. My one vote against him (if I were to vote in the first place, which I wont) means jack shit. I won't vote on the basis of the lesser of some evils, I'll vote for a party that best represents my political views, and if the current parties don't, then I should be able to withhold my vote.

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16th April 2005

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#13 11 years ago
Octovon;45915743 with a decent chance? Since when did the NDP have a chance? I hope to hell you don't mean the Bloc :lol: Nah, I think the Greens have a better chance than NDP.

In Quebec I'd say the Bloc has a pretty decent chance...

As for the Greens, the ridings to watch are Central Nova (Elizabeth May), Guelph (Mike Nagy), and West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Blair Wilson MP).

But Canada is still hampered by Westminster-style minority governments and first-past-the-post voting. Nevertheless, far more varied than the US system.


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14th February 2004

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#14 11 years ago
Octovon;45915743 with a decent chance? Since when did the NDP have a chance? I hope to hell you don't mean the Bloc :lol: Nah, I think the Greens have a better chance than NDP.

I meant on a riding basis.

And as to masked_marsoe's post, yes, it is unfortunate that Canada still goes by FPTP. A recent referendum in Ontario to institute PR failed, unfortunately.


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#15 11 years ago
Pethegreat;4591067I have more power with a gun that I do with a vote. Yes big business runs this country. Look at how much money large corporations donate to candidates. If wall street is not buying politicians by the dozen, then what are they doing? If you want to make any impact on this world you must either go into the sciences, or get into a boardroom. Voting is ineffective at changing anything. The politicians are not forced into doing what is in the common good. Yes you can vote them out, but you will only get another person who is in office for their own interests. I don't care about the religious groups. I still have freewill to do whatever I want to. They can make laws banning things, but for the near future, they will get struck down by the courts. Yes they can pack the courts with their own kind, and at that point we can use the 2nd amendment to set things right. The fundamentalists love 2 things, guns and religion. I have no reason to be proud of my country. Being proud of being born into a country is one the most stupid things you can think of. Hitler had to interest in America until we decided to side with the allies. Only the Japanese were angry at us for refusing to sell them our oil. America has only made enemies. If we would have kept selling oil to Japan they would not have attacked us. If our founding fathers wanted everyone to vote, they would have made voting mandatory. Making everyone vote will lead to a worse fate than just having people voting for communists. Elections would become a popularity contest, as it is slowly becoming today.

l dought you'd say that if you had been born in a country where you have no civil rights or democratic vote no say at all and no hope of change... Its a daft analogy mate, and polititions are what didnt make it manditory, like it should be, anyways it is manditory here, you guys got it wrong l guess..... All your drawn excuses and comparisons are crap.ok. You have more power with a gun you say , l'd like to see you change the american govenment with a gun, you joker.It is govenment change were talking about. Or are you talking the same thing ? Dictatorship suites you does it ? Rule by the law of a gun ? Ever pondered moving to Iran or Irak or china even ? hahaha, you have no respect for what you possess, you take it for granted, and granted its one of the freedoms we fought for, free choice, but dont you think its a little slack....


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17th July 2003

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#16 11 years ago

I will give a damm about voting when they ban, tar, and feather the electoral college and/or make the Popular vote mandatory in all 50 states.

Oh, and ban all the new Diebold "secure" voting machines that are so insecure a 8yr old with a flash drive and five minutes could change a election. The owner of Diebold should be charged with fraud for that voting machine but hes already serving a prison sentence in Ohio for vote manipulation.

Yes the popular vote is the benchmark but it is not the deciding factor. The electoral college is still has the final say on who becomes president, not the people.

It is true that it has happened only a few times but the thing is it should not happen at all and their are no safeguards to prevent it from happening again.

And 250 Americans voting? We have a little over 300 million people in the USA, last I knew voter turn out was little over 50%. Has it been getting better?

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29th December 2004

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#17 11 years ago

Pethegreat;4590277You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Jeffro again.

The two candidates are exactly the same. They try and tell you they are different, but they are not. Change is not going to happen. The only people who have the power to change anything are the people on wall street.

As you can guess, I am not voting this year. I have been heckled dozens of times about this by people who want to register to vote, just to vote for Obama. I live in a college town, Obama has already won the area I am in.

No candidate will ever do what is best for the country. They will only do what is in their best interests. Voting is just saying you like one persons own interests over the other guy's.

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"-Rush; Freewill

You also get rep from me for the Rush reference. Way to go.

However, I have to disagree with you on your ideas about voting. I know that a lot of people feel like their vote doesn’t count, or that voting is silly because they don’t like either candidate. That’s all well and good, but I need you to realize something.

Your vote does matter. Even if you show up and write in your buddy, or me, or Mickey Mouse as a candidate, your participation in the great electoral process is not only a right, it’s a duty. As citizens of this great country, it is imperative that we participate in the process that selects our leaders.

Sure, you may say that you're one of only 500,000 people voting third party. So what? You're giving encouragement to that third party, so instead of throwing up their hands and giving up, they continue to elect candidates.

If you don't vote, no matter what George Carlin said, you really forfeit your right to complain. Even if you vote for the guy you want to complain about, you can still say 'I voted for this moron, and look how stupid he's acting!'

Do your research, find the candidate that appeals to you the most, and vote for them. If not, write someone in. Either way, don't just sit on your butt at home and not vote.

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17th June 2002

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#18 11 years ago
Dexters perferated undies;4590682l have voted since l was legally permitted too.

And I chose not to vote because I was legally permitted to do so.

That is what our 'forefathers' fought for. The ability to choose whether or not to vote, the ability to call people morons for not voting (or for voting), the ability to speak in whatever language you so desire, the ability to get whatever job you're capable of getting... freedom, in other words.

Freedom from people like you who feel the need to force people to do things they don't really want to do.

Do you even know why people such as myself don't vote? Well, my constituency had precisely three candidates to vote for at the last general election - the Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party. Three completely inept parties (to say nothing of the candidates standing) with views contrary to my own. Should I have been forced to vote for one of them against my wishes and beliefs, or should I have been allowed to choose not to vote for either one of them, instead soiling my ballot paper in a sign of protest?

If you say the former, you have no clue what you're talking about when you refer to people fighting for our freedom. Because you stand against freedom with your very words.

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19th April 2004

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#19 11 years ago
You have more power with a gun you say , l'd like to see you change the american govenment with a gun, you joker.

Look at the assassinations of US presidents. It only took Oswald 3 bullets to change the government back in 1963.

l dought you'd say that if you had been born in a country where you have no civil rights or democratic vote no say at all and no hope of change...

I don't look at hypothetical situations. I am here in the US by chance.

The rest of your post is trolling material, so I am not even going to respond to that.

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9th December 2003

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#20 11 years ago

Jeffro;4590236I loved the video right up until the point of "you're a moron if you don't vote". Seriously, our choices suck and you expect me to vote in another "lesser of two evils" election? The hell with that.

Then people always suggest "vote for a third party". Oh, and be one of the 500,000 people out of 250 million (or so) who vote for them? Gee, I'm making a difference! Look at me...I'm voting for a candidate whom half the population has never heard of and never gets coverage on any mass media outlet, save the internet. Nope. No reason to get complacent and just say "gee, well at least we get two choices". Not going to happen. Our system is broken and I refuse to feed the monster any more.

(I am actually voting in this election, however I just hate when people go on the "if you don't vote, you're a moron" rant. It's a choice last time I remembered and that choice is nobody else's business but your own.)

I'd say you have to "try to vote". The only reasonnot to vote would be if no party what so ever would come even close to your ideals. Though in that case I would probably write "I'd love to bring out a valid vote but all the options presented to me suck" on the ballot.

If you don't like the two main parties or atleast the runners for those parties blame either the (s)election process or accept the choice that the opressive majoirty casted. There always is a chance to vote on an other party even if it won't win them the elections atleast it sents out a signal. Sending out that signal of "I like this party the best the two mkain parties suck donkey balls in my opinion" is sending out a message and therefor not a wasted vote.

If all the running parties suck and you feel indifferent about who ever will end up winning the elections then ot voting would be some sort of an option. But as said, I would prefer to turn up and make an invalid vote to show that I DO bother to vote but simply were not possible to cast a valid vote. Which shows that you are not a lazy bum and that you do care about politics but are not satisfied with the options presented to you.

If you really don't want to vote then that's your right to do so but IMO that should make you wonder "what the fuck is wrong with this country (it's politics)?".

Having said all that, the only trouble I have during voting is deciding which party to vote for since I find myself agreeing with most party points on several parties. So I am a satisfied voter. At the ,moment there are about 12-13 parties to chose from, arond 5 or so that potentially interest me (though I also look at the programs of the othr parties if only to confirm that I don't agree enough with them or even strongly oppose to their views). So I have no reason to complain.