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23rd November 2002

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#1 11 years ago
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;4112566That sounds a bit like very harsh racism against anyone who doesn't like Muslims, or very much like Sharia Law.

Yep. That last one rubbed me completely the wrong way. How about six months in jail time for calling somebody a bible thumper?

These are names, get over it, or be fair.

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2nd September 2002

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#2 11 years ago
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;4112566What was the first thing the Nazi's (as well as other dictators) did when they started to take over, the took away the peoples means of protecting themselves[/quote]I know this argument is used the NRA, but is there actually a source for it?[QUOTE=S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;4112566]Yeah, because you are going to find every single black market nuke out there and they will peacefully hand it over to you and sing kumbia in a field of daisies.

I despise weapons of mass destruction, because they will be used against the public - civilians, much like in WWII. Not only the first strike, but very likely also the retaliation. Nuclear weapons won't be wasted on military bases, but used to wipe the most populated cities in the enemies' country, which are possibly the most economicly important as well, off the Earth.

Such weapons will not be used to affect the authorities that wage war, those who press a button in a secure shelter, but to demoralize innocent civilians to make a plea to their government to stop the war. That is why they are absolutely inhuman.


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#3 11 years ago

I'd let loose the dogs of war, and fire every ICBM capable at all conceivable targets, friend or foe. Effectively initiating the downfall of the human species and perhaps the world.


ah nevermind...


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17th July 2003

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#4 11 years ago
tyrannicida;4113439I know this argument is used the NRA, but is there actually a source for it?

German Weapons Law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It set up a precedent of "peoples deemed untrustworthy" from owning guns, then banned jews from manufacturing ammo and firearms, and then banned jews from owning guns at all. Nazi party memebers were free from any restrictions or they were not enforced thus favoring a political party.

We are in danger of forgetting that the Bill of Rights reflects experience with police excesses. It is not only under Nazi rule that police excesses are inimical to freedom. It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard for the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy. It is too easy. History bears testimony that by such disregard are the rights of liberty extinguished, heedlessly at first, then stealthily, and brazenly in the end.

Justice Felix Frankfurter

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.

Adolph Hitler

It begins with an account of post-World War I chaos, which led to the enactment in 1928 by the liberal Weimar republic of Germany’s first comprehensive gun control law. Next, the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 was consolidated by massive searches and seizures of firearms from political opponents, who were invariably described as “communists.” After five years of repression and eradication of dissidents, Hitler signed a new gun control law in 1938, which benefitted Nazi party members and entities, but denied firearm ownership to enemies of the state. Later that year, in Kristallnacht (the Night of the Broken Glass), in one fell swoop, the Nazi regime disarmed Germany’s Jews. Without any ability to defend themselves, the Jewish population could easily be sent to concentration camps for the Final Solution. After World War II began, Nazi authorities continued to register and mistrust civilian firearm owners, and German resistence to the Nazi regime was unsuccessful



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28th June 2006

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#5 11 years ago
If you were the president of the United States, what would you do about some of our major issues?

1: first I'd give free health benefits only to people who work in the medical field/are employees of a hospital, those that serve as police or in the armed services, and fire firefighters. Nobody else gets anything this good unless specific circumstances arise. 2: Reduce the power of unions, especially the teachers union (no more tenure you bastards). 3: Place an income tax ceiling and floor no less than 10% but no greater than 30%. 4: During election time candidates are not allowed to use their own money or accept outside donations. Instead, they are allocated an equal amount of money for campaigning. 5: Make it so the courts do not use lawyers. Instead the plaintiff and the defendant are responsible for winning their own cases. This helps alleviate instances where rich people can afford rich lawyers to help win cases dishonestly. 6: Make it legal to sue your employer/boss. (I forgot specifically what the law stated. 7: Place a tariff on all imported goods to discourage outsourcing 8: The electoral college is no longer useful, the people are fully informed of any issues at hand. Popular vote is now used to determine elections. 9: Push funding into nuclear power while also pushing funding into wind power research and solar power research. 10: I would en America's declaration as the police of the world. It is not our business what other nations want to do with each other and it only causes more problems. 11: Build a 10 foot deep trench along the Mexican boarder followed by a 15 foot high inverted wall so its impossible to climb.

Thats about it for now.

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28th July 2002

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#6 11 years ago

Time2KILL;4115061 2: Reduce the power of unions, especially the teachers union (no more tenure you bastards).

11: Build a 10 foot deep trench along the Mexican boarder followed by a 15 foot high inverted wall so its impossible to climb.

Thats about it for now.

I love number 2.

As for number 11, you forgot the automated 50 cal machine guns that shoot on sight anyone trying to cross illegally.

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6th April 2000

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#7 11 years ago

Pull out of Iraq while approaching the UN and leaders of the middle eastern region to help stabilize the country. We got rid of one tyrant and placed ourselves in the same light, it's time to lick our wounds and leave. Enough have died for this pointless 'crusade'. It's time we allowed the world to help that region and we stop acting like England 500 years ago.

Pull our bases out of the middle eastern region. Face it, we're hated there. All our presence there does now is make us look like bully's and that we're forcing another coutry to do what we say. We need to back off and work on issues at home before solving the worlds problems. Just like every single other country does.

Abolish the electoral college system. As stated above, people are fully aware with the reach of what the media can find out that this system is obsolete and easily corrupted. Just look at the 2000 elections.

Enact Free Healthcare for all citizens similar to how it's setup in Canada. There should NOT be a for-profit type of setup when it comes to human lives. It's a glass ceiling on progression for a cure.

Rescind the patriot act. When it comes to removing our most cherished rights in order to preserve them, it's self defeating. Also, restraints are put on the presidency for a reason. Right now, our President has the same power as a dictator.

Throw out any legislation trying to ban gay marriage. Really, this is something so important we need to debate it in the highest levels of government? Church and state were separate for a reason, it's time we started imposing that restriction. In fact, I'd make it a federal law that it's legal, just so states cannot impose specific laws to outlaw it. This idiocy has gone on long enough. We're in the land of the free, not free so long as you're a christian conservative that only likes women and thinks we need a national religion.

Remove military presence in Airports. Seriously scaring our own isn't going to stop terrorists, just make everyone fear flying.

Destroy the Department of Homeland Security. This was never a necessary agency. Everything they did was exactly something FEMA was fully capable of, but bush wanted to make his mark and it didn't help he put an old college buddy in charge of it instead of someone capable of running it. All our agencies have specific functions that are not always capable of working together due to how they function.

Bring charges against George W Bush, Dick Cheny and Donald Rumsfeld for warcrimes and lying to the american people about why we're sending in our troops. Too many have died because of political agenda, and these three need to answer for their atrosities.

Enact Federal funding for the independant party (just as the democrats and republicans have, btw). We've had a bipartisan system for far too long, and now both sides are so blatently corrupt and selfish, that what kept each other in check is just gone, and now it's destroying all of the checks and balances our forefathers have setup to prevent. A third major party will help by disrupting the current methods of passing laws and give a new voice that will hopefully cause at least a little change at first.

I would take funding away from our defense department (half of our budget is far too much for defense) and increase funding for our education system, social services(including funding for free healthcare), and to help increase research and development of alternative sources of fuel that produce less pollution. Military funding would restrict our actions to that of preventative measures only. We're still funding it as if we're fighting a world war.

Require harsher penalties for hiring and trafficing illegal immigrants. Including jail time and fines equal to double the amount of the annual salary they try to extort from each person they hire or help cross the border.

Create additional funding for the department of veterans affairs. (With the additional funds created by the destruction of the homeland security agency) It pains me to see veterans of wars homeless. We need to help these people who served our country, not just ignore them.

Open new nuclear power plants and shut down coal and other power plants not nearly as clean.

Discuss with the department of energy alternatives of disposing of the waste other than storing it underground.

Make any automatic capable weapon outlawed within US borders. Exceptions are only SWAT teams and Military forces. You don't need an uzi to protect your home. You really don't. NRA can suck it.. 200 years ago that right was regarding rifles that could be fired once a minute, not 60 times a second.

Ban all lobbyist groups. They do nothing but keep their own self interests at heart and cause more trouble for everyone else.

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26th June 2000

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#8 11 years ago

n0e, you would be assassinated! :)


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14th February 2004

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#9 11 years ago

What n0e said. On the subject of guns, I'd make it so that only those that have served in the military or police are allowed to own them. (Then they can buy a 50 cal M2 for all I care)

I would suggest implementing the metric system more stringently as well.


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25th September 2006

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#10 11 years ago

good Idea bout the metric system.