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30th May 2004

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#31 15 years ago

This was not ment as a hate immigrant post, but where should the line be?

For example- if you are from cuba and you manage to touch US soil, you are allowed to stay. If you don't have proper paperwork, you can't get a job. (Ya right, they start their own business and they don't need to pay taxes because they "don't exist")

America used to be a place where anyone could come and start a new life. Get a chance for the "american dream." I don't want to take this away, but things aren't improving (except for my lawn care. I don't like it, but they are dirt cheap and they do work really hard.)

Have you ever seen signs warning you of a deer crossing? We have Mexican crossings!!! There are many in southwestern US, but now I am seeing them in the mideast!

I don't think we should shoot them, but if they ever try to get any benefits and they don't have their paperwork, ship them back. Also have a shoot-first-questions-later policy on the border. But not with canada. They are cool. It isn't the longest unpatrolled border in the world for nothing. Plus, they know english


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#32 15 years ago

I absolutely hate illegal immagrants. My hatred goes down so deep, that I cannot even explain it. I have so many reasons too. They have fucked over my family for the worse. My grandpa was murdered at the age of 104. He served in three differant wars, earning a purple heart in each. WW2, Vietnam, and Korea. He survived a bullet wound to the chest, causing him a coma, a bullet wound to the stomach in which he almost bled to death, and a bullet wound to the head which gave him another coma. Then he survived through a poisonous spider bite three years ago from a tarantula. Finally, he gets murdered in his own home by two gangsters who were robbing his house. They were identified. Turns out they are illegal immagrants from mexico. They had been caught stealing from a jewlery story a few days before they killed my grandpa, but they were released because the cops didn't read them their rights. This all happened in Corpus Christi, Texas a year ago. They are still at large. They are actually on a most wanted list.

Now one of my cousins is laying in a hospital because he was shot in the head by an illegal immagrant. He has been in a coma for about six months now.

I deal with their offspring every day at my school. They all hate on white kids, which is quite funny as it should be the other way around. I hate their kind. Nothing will ever change that.


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29th May 2003

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#33 15 years ago

Gén0CýDé I feel for ya dude. That sucks really bad.

Where I live, in the midlands things suck. I live in a quite large town, and there are communities of illeagals who have almost taken over sections of the town. I have a mate (white) who lives there and is full of immigrants who can speak a single word of Enlgish, and treat me and him as if we should be speaking there language. Its fucking out of order. I really feel that they should be done over.

Whilst Im not racist, I cant help but notice how our goverment seems so very concerned with making sure we promote ethnic diversity. Fuck that, if it means shooting every illeagal immigrant that comes to screw over our welfare system then do it. Matters are not helped by alot of other EU countries just pushing immigrants onto us because we'll look after them.

The thing is as well, once they are here, no matter what is said, they stay. Where I live myself, is a nice peaceful christian close. In the past two or three months, we now have numerous Indian families who speak no English, and lick Gén0CýDé's mexicans, run their own buisiness and dont pay taxes. They have an accident what happens? Our goverment patches them up and then advocates 'no immigrants'

It pisses me off, we need tighter immigration laws - no-one comes in until we are sorted, and the filth that is left is deported or 'removed'