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24th April 2003

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#1 8 years ago

Inmate Requests Execution by Firing Squad

So the guy has been on death row for years, they dont say for what, but apparently Utah gives inmates a choice as to how they want to die.

This guy requested firing squad. Thats pretty badass.

But apparently the issue is raising bitches, moans and complaints over "cruel and unusual" punishment.

So, I have 2 points...

(1) Any punishment will be cruel and unusual in the case of a death sentence. The quickest way would be an artillery shell. So unless you want to lob a 155 round on the guy in the middle of a field, any method of execution might not kill right away.

(2) The guy has been sentenced to death. Let the guy choose how he wants it. The end result will be the same.


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3rd May 2009

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#2 8 years ago

it's not cruel if that's how he wants to go. the constitution is modernly used to protect people's rights. if that's how he wants to go, i don't see any need to appeal against it as unconstitutional. the only question is if it's doable.


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9th June 2009

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#3 8 years ago

It shouldn't be considered "cruel and unusual" if that's the way he wants to die. If he's going to die, he should at least have some sort of say in how.

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16th April 2005

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#4 8 years ago

To be honest, the difference in degree of cruelty between shackling someone to a gurney and poisoning them to death, and having them stand in an open space to be shot in the back, does not seem all that considerable to me.

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7th December 2003

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#5 8 years ago

If this guy wants to be shot and if there are people willing to do the shooting then I don't see the big problem. It might even make some people happy. The media who are going to report about this, for example.

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29th January 2005

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#6 8 years ago

The only reason why they let him choose this is because he was sentenced before Utah began to phase the method out. Before 2004 I've read they were allowed to chose between the two.

The only thing this demonstrates is just how shit backwards Utah tends to be. But it's his choice and he gets to have a media circus out of it too.


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18th July 2008

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#7 8 years ago

Of the options out there, firing squad actually sounds like the best to me. Getting poisoned, gas chamber, lynching, and electric chair all sound pretty awful. People explode in the electric chair.

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10th August 2004

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#8 8 years ago

If I was to be executed then I should be in a manner befitting my rank, I would choose firing squad as well. But seriously, I would probably choose firing squad if I had the choice, in all honesty it seems a lot less cruel and unusual than being gassed or electrocuted and with several marksman all aiming for your heart, much faster. Oh well, I guess I still have Oklahoma.


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26th May 2003

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#9 8 years ago

It's not cruel. A .45 through the heart. Fairly dead fairly quick. I've been hurt bad before - massive surge of adrenaline, you don't even feel anything until the event is over. It's like you're a light as a feather, dancing on wind. What's cruel is injecting people with chemicals.

Unusual? Just by definition the death penalty is. But if I had to chose a way to go out I'd be right there with him. Firing squad please.

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22nd March 2005

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#10 8 years ago

I wonder if you can request where they aim? I'd have to think the fastest would be a removal of the brain-stem, not even destroying the heart should be as quick as that. He requested it, however the Constitution read literally with no background or complete understanding of its roles (or the specific role of the Bill of Rights) would prohibit any "cruel and unusual punishments [from being] inflicted" by the government. I really don't see what is particularly more cruel about this than any other method of execution, and we've killed too many people to really count the death penalty as "unusual". However, others apparently think that somehow injecting someone with a poison so they can feel themselves die is better than injecting them with hot lead so they can feel themselves die. Personally, I hate needles.