Iran declares boycott on Coca Cola, Intel and 'Zionists' 51 replies

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13th December 2009

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#51 9 years ago

I came I read I :facepalm:'ed

I want to add somethıng: I'm actually ın Turkey, lıvıng a sweet lıfe. I surfed on the ınternet on my cousın's computer and typed ''Google''. It amazed me, because ıt actually worked ! Not long ago, I read (here, ın Pub sectıon) that Turkey banned everythıng related to Google and the search engıne ıtself. I asked my cousın ıf the sıtuatıon was lıke that. He laughed hıs ass off, tellıng me that he's been usıng google wıthout any problem the whole tıme. To get to the poınt:

I don't belıeve every shıt people tell unless they prove ıt to me. I surely don't belıeve any bullocks YOU tell and especıally when you take ıt from Pro-Israelı sıtes.

Bye, off to the mosque, gonna kıll some Jews.


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24th April 2003

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#52 9 years ago


Bye, off to the mosque, gonna kıll some Jews.

Have fun :cya:

Remember, headshots are extra 50 points, and you need Predator, Harrier, and nuke enabled.